The GD91 MAX Drone

GD91 PRO Drone$325.00

Extra Battery

Extra Propellers

Extra Arm Front, with motor

Extra Arm Rear, with motor


When you order RKA highly recommends ordering extra batteries and propellers.

Also note we are offering replacement arms with motors.

Not that you would ever crash.

RKA has always been interested in cameras.

We had been offering pencil cameras long before SENA was offering them and we use them for almost all the videos we do in one way or another.

Way back in early 2000’s we videoed a lot of my motorcycle road racing.

Here is Guy Hutchinson and I doing an open practice day down at buttonwillow.

You are on board with me looking through my eyes.

Can you say “RCA Jacks” and “VHS Cameras”? and wires and cables all over the place?
Yup that’s how we did it with permission from the AFM Racing club we belonged to.

If we did this today, we could have voice audio from bike to bike or bike to pit AND a drone flying over head getting a totally different perspective.

So here’s your drone and a fraction of the price of the fancy expensive ones that do all the marketing. Just compare the features of the ones for $500.00, $800.00 even $1200.00 dollars and you will see, if you do not need ALL the bells and whistles but most of them. ..... This GD91 PRO is the Drone for you.