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SPlug Earbuds

Not your Daddy’s speaker!

In fact it’s obviously not a even a speaker!

A “DRIVER” is an "electronic" speaker
that looks and acts
like a miniature fire hose
blasting great sound
directly into your ears.

The single drivers are bad!
(a GOOD bad!)

The Dual set adds a second driver behind the hose
of each earbud and all we can say is WOW!

For the price,

you cannot beat the quality and ease of use of these little monsters.

Richard & Kathy approved of course.


NO hard outer body.

NO helmet pressure issues.
Comfort and noise reduction is equal to custom earplugs.
Will not blow out of the ear
The smallest and best fitting earphone.

The S plug provides an alternative to
standard earbuds with the only flexible body
earbud on the market.

The ear tip was designed to conform to the
S-shaped ear canal, placing speakers deep in the ear
for increased bass response.

Single 1 speaker (Driver) in each ear
Dual 2 speakers (Drivers) in each ear

NRR: 27 dB

Warranty: 1 year, 30 day trial

Speakers can be repaired individually.

Because we understand that ears can be different,
we offer the best warranty on the market.



Single driver (1 speaker to each ear)
Dual driver (2 speakers to each ear)

Price: $ 129.95
Single 1 speaker (Driver) in each ear)..........

Price: $ 219.95
Dual 2 speakers (Drivers) in each ear) ............

1 foot Extension Cable
male to female

Price: $ 8.00

Why do I need a extension cable?
An extension cable allows easier cable plugin
when helmet is on your head

The S Plug Tips

1 Pair of replacement tips for the S Plug earbuds

Price: $ 11.00

Filtered S Plug (20db)

-Same comfort and retention of the S plug ear tip.
-Acoustic filter reduces noise
but allows speech/music/surrounding sounds to be heard.
-No helmet pressure issues as it sits flush with the entrance to the ear.
-Opening in the plug lets air pass and reduces the "stuffy" feeling
compared to foam plugs.
-Reduces pressure change ear discomfort associated with
airplane takeoffs and landings.
More comfortable than EarPlanes brand as it doesn't protrude from the ear,
allowing you to lay your head on a pillow

Price: $ 25.95