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On this page you should be able to find all the answers you need for SENA Bluetooth connectivity
If you cannot find what you are looking for give us a call at 707 836 7659 or email us at

NOTE: After you start a video you can use the tools at the bottom of the screen
to turn volume up or down, watch on You Tube or watch in full screen etc.

SENA Instruction Manual Downloads
20S / 10S / 10C-01 / 10R / SC-HR01 RC / 10U / SMH10 / SMH5 / SMH5-FM / SPH10H-FM-01 / SR10 / SM10 / Expand / GoPro Pac / PRISM / TUBE / Smart Helmet leaflet

  Coming Soon
Video Tutorial on
ways to connect your BMW Bluetooth Module
Published on Nov 20, 2016
For the first time in 16 years the ride was canceled.
We assembled at the track Cafe and had a great time with additional contributions and cash! There was a great drawing for gifts and ALL had fun!
This video also shows how well the SENA TUBE action camera works under tuff conditions

Published on Nov 7, 2016
This informative video shows how to set up the SENA SM10 and MotoChello Audio Speaker Bridge on your K1600GT/GTL
and 14 and up RT.
Published on Oct 7, 2016
This short video shows how to connect your phone and then connect the Remote Control

Published on Sep 11, 2016
This short video shows how to call home with the multifunction wheel and how to mute OR NOT mute your navigation,
and how your screen can disappear AND return.

SENA TUBE Overview SENA SR10 Radio Adapter Overview SENA SM10 Dual Stream Stereo Transmitter
Published on Aug 2, 2016
This video introduces the NEW TUBE easy to use camera
Published on Aug 2, 2016
This video explains the SENA SR10 radio adpater and shows how it is
Published on Aug 2, 2016
This video explains the SENA SM10
and shows how to connect it to two helmets

Universal Intercom SENA 10U Schuberth C3P installation 20S Group Intercom Setup
Published on Jul 4, 2016
A easy to understand tutorial on what happens with Universal Intercom connections
Published on Jul 2, 2016
Short easy to understand installation video
Published on May 4, 2016
This video is a step by step instructional guide
for how to setup 4 20S headsets to Group intercom.
After you see this video you will
understand how to easily add to and setup 8 partners.

The 20S App SENA 20S ver 1.6 Firmware update SENA Device Manager Install
Published on May 3, 2016
This is a short video to show the ways to use the APP
Published on Mar 21, 2016
This short video explains how to connect your Zumo and a smartphone in
Stereo (A2DP profile) at the same time, and also connect your
Smartphone to the Zumo to receive and make phone calls through the Zumo
Published on Jan 23, 2016
A short to the point installation tutorial of how to install your SENA
device manager for firmware updates

Video Two of the
"RKA How to series" Features review 1

Video One of the
"RKA How To Series" SmartPhone to SENA

Overview of the SENA 10C & SENA Handlebar Remote

Published on Oct 16, 2015
This is a short video on intercom connections, Audio Mutitasking, music sharing and input ports.

Published on Oct 9, 2015
Video one is a simple how to of connecting a SENA 20S to your iPhone. The same procedure works with ALL sena headsets. Android phone screen is different but the senario is the same.

Published on Jul 9, 2015
This video goes over the operation of the 10C and Handlebar remote and includes informationanut nav apps and how to use your smartphone with your gloves on. Also the Adpativ TPX radar detector


SENA .. Full Monty
The SENA 20S App Connection
Published on Jun 7, 2015
This video connects a smartphone to the Nav V then SENA Headset to the Nav V for voiice navigation, and phone calls Lastly the SENA headset to the Smartphone for Stereo music.
Published on May 28, 2015
RKA is demonstrating FIVE features
that are all being operated at the SAME TIME from the
SENA headset!
SENA headset connection to the BMW Bluetooth Module
SENA headset connection to the BMW Nav V GPS
Smartphone connection to the BMW Nav V GPS
SENA headset connection to the SENA SR10
SENA PRISM to SENA headset connection
Published on Apr 22, 2015
This video is a instructional follow up to other videos on the RKA
YouTube Video Page. SHowing SENA, BMW, Smartphone applications

How To:
Part II SR10 & PRISM to SENA Headset
How To:
Part I Connect a SENA Headset to your BNW, NAV V, & Smartphone

Published on Apr 12, 2015
This is a very good stand alone video on the SR10 and PRISM. and is also part II of the previouc BMW Bluetooth module video

Published on Apr 11, 2015
This is an instructional video to show how to connect your SENA headset to the BMW Bluetooth module, your NAV V GPS, and your phone to both your SENA headset and your NAV V.
Published on Feb 7, 2015
A short video explaining features of the SENA PRISM a great action camera

Bucks Lake Road
Feather River CA Hwy 70
Published on Dec 25, 2014
PRISM action camera the only camra you will ever need
Published on Sep 16, 2014
This is a second video from our trip to Quincy, CA. for the BMW Beemer Bash Rally. We are demonstrating the SENA Bluetooth adapter for the GoPro while returning home via Bucks Lake Road.
Published on Sep 15, 2014
This is the first video from our trip to Qunicy, CA, for the BMW Beemer Bash Rally, We are demonstrating the SENA Bluetooth adapter for the GoPro while head UP Hwy 70 to Quincy.

SENA Bluetooth GoPro Pack Demo
BMW R1200RT to SENA Headset

Schuberth SENA SMH10-11 Universal Mic Install

Published on Aug 21, 2014
This 3 minute video explains about the SENA Bluetooth Pac designed for the GoPro ® We use the SENA Bluetooth Pac and two SENA EXPAND headsets. The bicycles are the perfect platform to go with this system, Use any SENA or other Bluetooth headset and you are IN!!!

Published on Dec 26, 2013
A short one minute video on paring the SENA SMH10 to a 2013 BMW R1200RT's Bluetooth module
Published on Sep 14, 2013
Installation of SENA headsets into Schuberth C3
NOTE: This video is also helpful with ANY SENA Headset

SENA_TPX_CB/FRS Radio_IN-Charge Tank

Turning on my "STUFF"
SENA SR10 Bluetooth Adapter
Published on Sep 11, 2013
This video show how we assemble our IN-Charge Tankbag and integrate the SENA SMH10 headsets, SENA SR10 Bluetooth adapter with your passenger, phone, the TPX radar detector and a Midland 75-822 CB radio.
Published on Jul 11, 2013
This short video shows how RKA uses the SENA bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth headsets for their Adaptiv TPX radar detector, Midland 75-811 CB, and iPhone5 using Pandora, XM, iHeart etc and "Garmin USA" maping
Published on Jul 2, 2013
This video shows how to Multipoint pair your SENA headset to the SR10 Bluetooth adapter.


SENA SMH10 BT Headset Pairing

SENA BT Headset Install.

Published on Jul 2, 2013
In this series of RKA produced Bluetooth videos we will show how to Bluetooth your SENA SMH10 headset to the BMW K1600GTL module
Published on Jul 1, 2013
This is a short easy lesson on how to pair the SENA SMH10 headsets
Published on Jul 1, 2013
This install video is using our Vega Summit 3.0.
You can use this video as a guide for almost any helmet

Liquid Image EGO Sport camera
RKA S-Plug Demo 2 RKA S-Plug Demo 1
Published on Oct 18, 2012
This is a short two minute presentation of the features of the Liquid Image EGO camera
Published on May 10, 2015
This is a follow up to video one of the S-Plug
Published on May 10, 2015
Description and information of the S-Plug earbuds

Smartphone and SENA    
Published on Oct 5, 2012
This short shows how you can use the SENA bluetooth headset and also Music apps like iHeart and C0-Pilot or other Nav Apps with the touch of a finger