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December 2019   Volume 9 / Issue 12



From the desk of the Editor


Hi Friends of RKA,

The RKA Newsletter is signing off.
December 2019 will be the last one.
We have been doing a Newsletter as long as I can remember and started saving them on our website in 2011 so you can find this one and others back to 2011 here: Newsletter Main Page. This is a hard decision, but The time and effort does not reward the end result, and I am getting old and tired.

I will continue to post a message or two during the month, and I hope you all stay subscribed they just will be short and random. A funny story, video, a great sale item, you know the regular suspects.
These newsletters have always been for fun, instructional, and learning information.
But also a ton of work to assemble.

Back when I was a kid, I sometimes got to stay up really late and the TV would sign off with this GREAT poem and video.

“High Flight”
(John Gillespie Magee Jr.
(9 June 1922 – 11 December 1941)
was world war II Anglo-America Royal Canidian Air Force fighter pilot and poet, who wrote the poem High Flight.
He was killed in an accidental mid-air collision over England in 1941.)
The only thing they left off this YouTube version is the
“Sign off screen”
“Test Pattern”
Remember that,
Old guys and gals?

NEWSLETTER SIGNING OFF ….. See ya all down the road …..


NOTE: This month they are "Comments" from our "You_Tube Page"

TIM MCMILLAN 7 months ago
While I am failing miserably at getting this to work I wanted to commend you on having put all these videos together. You present it in such a way that the logic just flows along with the technology so I know it's just me being a complete idiot.

Peter Krajnc 1 year ago
Thank You so much for this Video! After your Information’s i could connect my SCHUBERTH c4 with my wife‘s helmet a Shoei neotec2 with SRL! All the other handbooks etc. were Not successful. You helped me a lot, thank You Sir, Peter from Germany

Alex SCOTT 3 months ago
Thank you Mr Battles, Super clear review, on each topîc, clear annd concise on what we are looking for, I have been looking for a while and many do alot of fancy useless stuff around the subject that interest us which are in this video. Thank you for taking the time to make the video, much appreciated.

Bill Murray 4 years ago
Thank you for the video, Richard. Walking through your procedure finally helped me understand where I was making a mistake in the pairing procedures that was preventing me from keeping the bike (radio)-to-headset connection.

tango165 3 years ago
Great easy to understand video, thank you Sir!! Followed it to the T and now all my stuff is connected together and up and running-

Mountain Turtle Adventures 2 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Good stuff!

Ticky Tocky 1 year ago
Thank you very much, I was pulling my hair out and am pretty much bald now. I hooked up my Freecom 1, RT and Nav vi and all is working well now, I was not getting radio through my headset after pairing it the wrong ways many times. Now it goes to radio in my helmet when I start my bike and reverts to radio when I hang up after a call

Jason Fowler 3 years ago
Oustanding walkthrough. I have used it a couple times and any time my phone or configuration changes. Thank you sir.

Ron Grimes 5 months ago
Really well done. I just got a 2018 BMW R1200RT with the Nav VI. This comes in very handy. This video goes to show that you can accomplish a great tutorial video without a lot of endless yammering like a lot of guys do in their videos

What I Really Think

I think Kathy and I have had an amazing run of 34 years 2020 will start our 35th year manufacturing luggage.

I think we have met a LOT of friends over these years and most of them live too far away.
I think it may be best they are far away as we would more than likely get into way to much trouble.


I think we have visited a LOT of great places monuments and treasure places we would have never been able to see or go to if not for our business.
I Think, we have been to the top of the Empire State building, Devils Tower, Kennedy Space Center, Field museum in Chicago, We saw “SUE”!, Petrified Forest, The Crater, The bottom of Copper Canyon, Batopilas, Gettysburg, Broadway and Cats in New York, Silverton Durango Railroad, Estes Park, we have been from Limerick, Maine to Winslow Arizona, from Seattle to the Key’s …  just to name a few. Daytona, Riverside, Mid-Ohio, Road America, Las Vegas International Raceway, And so much more…. All never possible if RKA did not exist.

I think we have had more than our share of motorcycles. Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW, MZ Scorpion.
I think …. I roadraced for four years and I cannot explain what a BIG BIG part of my life that was.


I think …. In 2005 I did the Sonoma Ironman ½ Vineman, lost 50 pounds, finished 12th in my age group of 175 men. I cannot explain the year of preparation, the love and support from Kathy and all our friends that helped me get through the training process.

I think there has also been our fair share of downs, but the up’s out weight the downs by far.
Kathy and I have had a good life and starting year 35 of RKA is an unbelievable achievement.
AND we have done it OUR WAY.

Thanks to all of you for this.

Happy Holidays, Ride Safe.

This is what we do

So one last time I will try to fix all your Bluetooth issues.

CONFLICT this is the BIGGEST ISSUE, an issue I cannot seem to get any of you to understand.
If you have TWO devices directly connected to ONE device you will have CONFLICT.
Connect your headset to your GPS.
Connect your headset to your phone.
Your headset will say to you "Who do you want me to connect to? The GPS or the Phone?"
It will connect to the first thing it sees, and then the other device will not connect.

If you start over and do not CLEAR ALL DEVICES before you start over there is a 100% chance you will have CONFLICT!
ONE LAST TIME here are the slides I show at EVERY seminar.

And another thing ...............

Guys! Gals!
Download your device manager, download the SENA App, Update your firmware.

Everytime there is a firmware update SENA is trying to give you a brand new device!!!
This is how it works ….. SOOOO Update your firmware when a new version is released.


Many other users have been asking question about their Sena devices not connected properly since updating it to iOS13.

We will be releasing a firmware update soon for each of our products so that they are compatible with the iOS 13 versions of our all of our apps. 

And they did that.

The 30K had many issues from the users, SENA fixed them on ONE update

v2.0 October of 2018
v2.3 August 16, 2019
Minor bug fixes with the volume when playing music with earbuds
Minor bug fixes with the volume during an incoming phone call when using an iPhone
Minor bug fixes with the intercom volume on the 30K Utility App during an intercom conversation when Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking feature is enabled 
Minor bug fixes with the intercom volume after reconnecting to a headset after a Three-Way Conference Phone Call conversation.

ONE more thing

Becasue of the 30K firmware update it effected music sharing on the 10 series v2.0 firmware,

1: With Audio multitasking “on” in the app, driver can listen to their audio, Passenger can listen to their audio and still have intercom. But cannot music share.
2: With Audio Multitasking “off” in the app, You have to “tap” in and out for intercom. You can start music sharing with double beep.

Driver starts intercom ..Music is paused on device .. Driver presses “Jog” dial for one second and hears “Double Beep” music sharing in ON. BUT no intercom.

Driver OR Passenger can press “Jog” button for one second “Double Beep” intercom back on, NO music.

Summery …

With the new v2.0 Audio multitasking ON driver and passenger can listen to their own audio source but NO music sharing is possible

With the new v2.0 Audio Multitasking OFF you can share music, but no intercom.

This is the OLD 10S functionality. With a “BeepBeep”

The 30K units in Bluetooth mode (10S’s) allow sharing, but no Intercom also
with a “BeepBeep, BeepBeep”.

The 20S units allow music sharing AND intercom
with a Beep,Beep, Beep,Beep, Beep,Beep,Beep then voice prompt says “Music sharing on”

Lastly here is a video I did not do ;-) It was produced by SENA and very enlighting about how to ghet better sound quality

I really hope I have helped a few of you over the years.


On November 23rd RKA/Sonoma Raceway conducted our 19th Annual Food Dr Ride
It was Steller! With 78 riders that rode from Windsor into Napa valley and to the track.
After unloading the food and doing a few photographs we went down to the track and were allowed to do a few laps.

Here are a couple of videos, one on the ride and one on the laps.
The rest are a few of my favorite videos over the years.

You can see all videos on the RKA YouTube Page,

The Ride The Laps Into our 35th year of excellence What makes Beautiful, Beautiful
The Entabulator How to:
Connect a SENA headset to your
BMW, NAV, & Phone
(124,611 views .. 31 thumbs down
Looks like a win win for RKA)
Do you remember that DAY you were ON and everything was in line?
This was that day!
A practice lap around Buttonwillow on my racebike.
Remember that day when everything went WRONG
This was that day!
Dumb Deer
A lap around Sears Point
chasing the "KID'S" on sportbikes.
I am on my R1200ST!
Lock to lock on the GTL.
The owner of this motocycle did not know we were going to do this with his ride ;-)

Little Old Lady
We are going to luch and left the cameras on.
Listen to the comments

Who needs a motor?
This is Andy and I
pedaling down Hwy 1
next to the pacific Ocean.
What could be better than that!

Stories You May Like

Kathy was a High School Softball star pitcher.
A high school freind posted this a while back.
She also was a star basketball and volleyball player

One of our first stories written about RKA.
Think about it. 34 years ago, In 1985, Kathy, a womem, a motorcyclist, owned and ran a motorcycle orientated business.


Some very gratefull folks

It is so sad to see great things end but our local brewery/pub is closing it’s headlsburg restaurant, Print magazines are ending, City Bike is gone
RoadRider THE go to motorcycle shop is gone, Dealerships are closing.

This is a short story of what is happaning out there by Reg Kittrelle.
World Famous
Author, Magazine Publisher
Motorcyclist, Old Grumpy man

We have been mistaken for each other
It is obvious I am much more handsome


IF YOU ARE VAGUELY interested in a SENA Momentum helmet, INC, or INC PRO.

Call the office and we will get you into one.

Momentum INC, .. $549.00
Momentum INC PRO with camera .. MSRP $699.00
Make me an offer.
This applies to "STOCK ON HAND ONLY"

SENA Momentum INC, Matte Black, Large, Pinlock installed
This is Richard’s personal helmet now retired.
Current main helmet is the PRO model.
Ok make me an offer.

SENA 10C Demo
Also Richard's personal 10C

Ok make me an offer.


MSRP $349.95
SALE $275.00
Ok make me an offer.

SENA Cavalry Extra Small, Matte Black,
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo  

Ok make me an offer.

SENA Cavalry Medium, Glossy Black, 
MSRP / RKA $349.00
This helmet is a demo

Ok make me an offer.

The on going sale is ..... On going
go look at it! There are a ton of great deals there CLICK HERE

Schedule Page

We have one event left for the year check it out on the Schedules page
Tentative ......
EuroCycle open house (Rescheduled)

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