John Phelps, VStrom & Monster
VStrom & Monster
Best of both worlds with ONE tankbag.
This is John's bluetooth system on the Monster
This is John's same bluetooth system on the VStrom
This is John's same bluetooth system on the VStrom
This is John's message during our proposal discussions.


I went to a local adventure rider rally today and looked at dozens of GPS solutions on BMW GS, R, K, Hondas, V-Stroms, etc.

All of them looked very haphazard and not "clean". I am really begining to appreciate your tank bag solution and am feeling good about this move before even getting it in my hands.

One rider complained that her cigarette plug was "vibrating out of her Powerlet socket on that bumpy road we rode in on."

I saw multiple riders plugging in headsets or just looking at their GPS without audible prompts.

They ALL, each and every one of them, had a jumble of power wires and issues with the physical mounting of the GPS unit to the bike.

I KNOW that your solution is THE best on the market and am looking forward to enjoying the system and spreading the word about RKA.


This is John's followup message.


Thank you so very, very much. Your system is perfect! It solves all the issues I have heard others complain about.

The sound quality is superb. The nav, cell phone, XM sat radio, mp3s, are all integrated into a simple, secure, and safe system. Outstanding!

As you can see from the photos I sent you, the "In Charge" system works equally as well on my Ducati Monster as it does on my Suzuki V-Strom. Bravo.

My wife says she cannot tell I am riding on my motorcycle when I call her with the J&M head set and dongle with the Zumo 550.

You have my permission to reproduce this letter and my photos any way see fit.

All the best,