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To view a short video of my "Ice Breaker" effort go to the April Chronicles. The movie link is on 04-18-05 entry

Date, Wednesday 06-01-05

Everything is going along fine getting ready fro the “TriForFun” this weekend at Rancho Seca. Although I am having some“panic attack” problems in open water Vince is working them out with me and I am looking forward to the swim at Rancho Seca and maybe another finishing plaque.

My run Wednesday was really great! It was just Becky and I and I decided to run with her and not do my “tempo” part of the run, but when we got back to Airport blvd Becky decided to cut the course and go back to the club. At this point I decided to fire it up and do my“tempo” for the last ¾ mile or so. We had run the first three and a quarter miles in 29 minutes and some change, really slow, so when I finished in 36:36 Becky was even surprised!! It was a really good effort and I felt good.

I want to try and swim as much as possible so after the run I put on the wetsuit and swam 40 laps in 17:36 then practiced getting out of the thing. I am practicing in the wetsuit as I am having breathing problems with it on. It’s restrictive and feels like having an asthma attack while tiring to breath. I believe this is what’s causing panic attacks in the open water.

Date, Thursday 06-02-05

This morning I go to the club and swim 60 laps with the wetsuit on in 26:56, that’s lopping along at about 1:48 minute 100’s which is fine with me.


I am out of the showers, wetsuit rinsed and folding it up in my gym bag, at this point my left eye starts stinging like I have a piece of glass in it!!! It gets worse and worse!! Kathy appears in the lobby as I am tiring to put a water solution in it. Nothing helps.

We go to the hospital and discover I have somehow scratched my Cornea!!! Only time will heal it and the doctor says 48 to 72 hours……… My training race ..... Rancho Seca ..... is now just a dream .... I am dead in the water for the weekend :-(

Date, Thursday 06-09-05

It's been a week since I scratched my Cornea, I am back on the horse and training well.
You can tell by my chart I am picking up the swimming. It's impossible but I am trying to swim everyday if I can.
Wednesday I ran from Healdsburg to Windsor in the rain seven miles! That was fun :-)
My eye still bothers me and I need to get my eyes checked anyway so back to the doctor soon.

Date, Wednesday 06-22-05

It’s been almost two weeks since my last“Chronicles” post and I just know that the hundreds of folks reading this are waiting for a new report :-).

My eye is getting better everyday although it feels ruff and both eyes feel dry. It is the allergy season.

Starting to do some big time efforts now 50 plus mile rides and 12 to 13 mile runs.

The bicycle is coming along fine.

The running is great I ran 13.2 miles Sunday the 19th and posted my farthest run with a 9.19 minute pace about 6.50 mph GREAT!

The swimming is now back on track after Tuesday afternoons swim across lake Llsanjo with Vince, it was a good half mile with NO where to rest! Get in sit down shut up and hang on!

Date, Thursday 06-29-05

31 days to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......