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To view a short video of my "Ice Breaker" effort go to the April Chronicles. The movie link is on 04-18-05 entry

Date, Sunday 05-01-05

Today Albert and I marshaled the“Clover Criterium” We went 150 miles in a 7/10 mile circle all day. It was great to see the racing from right inside the pelton, and watch the break a ways and attacks. A great lesson in bicycling.

Date, Monday 05-02-05

This was only my second run since the “Ice Breaker” and“Physical Therapy” for my sciatic nerve problem. Jim and I pulled away from everyone at the 2 mile mark and continued to pick up the pace for a GREAT 34:23 best time to date.

Date, Wednesday 05-04-05

This morning it was just Patricia and Ken with me and I pulled away at mile two again without Jim to inspire me. I continued to drive hard without hurting my muscles and nerves and come home with a 33:55 another personal best and my first sub 8:00 minute run at a 7:89 mile pace!!!!! At this time my muscles and nerves are feeling just fine and it looks like the therapy worked.

Now I just have to do this THREE times at this speed for a good 13.1 mile Vineman run.

Date, Friday 05-06-05

Took a nice 31 mile warmup ride from Healdsburg to Kaiser in Santa Rosa for another blood test :-( , back to Luther Burbank Center to pick up my packet for the Century, Then on home to Windsor

Date, Saturday 05-07-05

"Wine Country Classic" 100 miles. What a beautiful day! Left LBC at 6:45 or so by myself, I was going to ride with 4 or 5 others but we could not get tied up together ..... LOST in the parking lot.

Date, Tuesday 05-17-05

What a week! The Infineon events just shut down my training and I have not swam but once this month!!! I really have to get back on track. Will meet with Vince in a day or two and get the plan back in action.

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......