March 2005 Chronicles

Date, Tuesday 03-01-05

Five months to go to the VineMan ..... Has for training I am on a pretty nice schedule now M/W/F running and T/T swimming, Sat swim if possible, with the bicycle kind of taking care of itself.

Date, Tuesday 03-08-05

Rode 44 miles Friday 49 miles Saturday, then 49 miles again today with Chad, plus the running and swimming! I have had three or four people tell me I am or am on the verge of over training.

Today I learned about what it means to OVERTRAIN. I bonked good on a small roller coming out of Valley Ford. My legs went to butter, my heartrate would not rise above 125 and I felt like a chewed up marshmellow.
I made it home and we finished the ride with my tail between my legs.

I have been trying to cram too much into my schedule.

I stayed home this evening and did not go to my Masters swim class. I have decided to take two days off completely Wednesday and Thursday I’ll miss a run and another Masters swim but I am my own trainer and I feel it’s the best thing to do.

It’s a month from my first open water swim, and only five weeks away from the“Ice Breaker” This is just a training event for me but I have set my sights high and am getting nervous.

It feels so so good when you finish a workout and everything goes well and it feels so so bad when it goes wrong. Something for me to remember from now on.

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......