January 2005 Training Chronicles Archives

Date, Monday 01-03-05:

Had a good swim today swimming 32 laps with the fins on in 13:04 for an average of 25 second laps. Working on upper body and correct breathing. I was shooting for 70 laps, 1 mile (I had done 64 laps on Dec 31st), but some kid DOVE (no diving) into the lane next to me just as I was breathing and BAM! a full intake of water instead of air!!! Lesson learned "BE PREPARED" :-).

Date, Tuesday 01-04-05:

Good good day!! Toned back the run and walked 4 minutes and jogged 2 minutes for 6 miles did the Chiquita loop from the shop. NO QUAD PROBLEM!! Then got on the bike and rode 22 miles with Chad work, Chalk Hill, home. Now I need to continue to improve the run part of this gig slowly and keep the quad problem at bay. :-)

Date, Thursday 01-13-05:

Down in the dumps, King of the World" post day…… I have been sick since Sunday just the regular old-fashioned snotty cold. Sunday I rode the Cipo bike to La Creama (12.5m) and back as kind of a easy time trial, did good but. I took Monday and Tuesday off and worked on businesses stuff at home.

I am falling back on my training with a big "OTHER STUFF" weekend coming up, got to get better and then back on the regiment ASAP.

Good-Bad, Good-Bad ---- I should NOT have swam Wednesday and taken another sick day off.

The bad news is I felt I am uncoordinated and could not following instructions. Most of our drills were backstroke and I could not get the drills down properly.

The good news is Catherine seems to be impressed with my progress and suggested I could move to MASTERS next month!! WOW! Words I have been wanting to hear from day one, but personally I felt I am not doing my best in Pre-Masters yet. The other notation is there is I have been the only male in the class for a while and I have to tell you the woman are so so supportive and fun to train with.

Date, Tuesday 01-18-05:

Do you know how to spell demoralized? It’s spelled D-E-M-O-R-A-L-I-Z-E-D
On Friday the 14th I rode home Westside in 1:02:49 at 17.6 mph for 18.50 miles, pretty darn good considering I was still a little off from being sick all week.

So today I decided to make an effort and try to get home in under an hour, which would be 18.5 mph. I have never been under 60 minutes for this route.

Off I went from the shop and I did not look at my computer. I just put my head down and worked has hard has I could... bing bang push push push, climb climb keep up the rhythm, peddle on the down hills, drink fluids, go, go, go, Allez, Allez!!

Well when I hit the garage door I looked at the computer.. 1:01:32!! Damn!! I was SURE I had done the route in less than one hour!!! I had still averaged 18.0 mph, pretty good, and one of my best times, but I have no concept of pace. OOOh well as they say on OLN“Off you go”

Date, Sunday 01-30-05:

Today I did the Half-Vineman bicycle course 56 miles by myself. Click here for a map of the course.

From the house to Wohler Rd is 6.75 miles and from Guerneville to Wohler Rd it’s 6.75 miles, in other words since we live right down the street from the finish at Windsor High, I can do the 56 miles from home to home without going all the way to Guerneville to start.

To get to the chase I wanted to roll along at a good pace but not try for any records. I averaged 16.9 mph and completed the course to the house (56.50 miles) in 3:19:30! A great time considering anything under 3:15 during the Vineman would be super, and I have six months to improve!!

A few notes on this experience of riding alone so far. It was kind of neat.

I was focused the whole time and was able gage when I could eat and drink, do an effort and when to coast and get the heart rate down. My heart rate stayed pretty much between 140 and 150, It did drop a lot during the last five miles down to 120 to 125 even though I was rolling along at 22 to 24 mph on the flats. This is kind of strange, but with no apparent problems.

About ten or twelve miles into the ride on Westside three riders were coming up pretty fast from behind. I got cocky and picked up the pace and was able to hold them off for about 5 miles, but it was not to be, one of them got dropped in their effort to catch me (that made me feel a little better) but when they pulled up beside me it was Karen!!! The Masters swim coach at the Airport Club!! I had been run down by one of the best woman athletes in the USA!!!! It was GREAT and on top of that she knew who I was!! We rode together to Dry Creek and they went toward Healdsburg and I went out Dry Creek. It was totally inspiring and also taught me not to be so cocky (Kinda).

The other mindset was trying to imagine when I got to the finish the next step was a 13.1 mile RUN!!! I could not image this today.

I am going to Redding to visit my Mom next week and I will fill in the first week of February when I get back on the 6th.

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......