February 2005 Chronicles

Date, Tuesday 02-01-05:

Today was an off day, I traveled to Redding to spend some time with my Mother.

Date, Wednesday 02-02-05, Thursday 02-03-05:

I Jogged 6 miles around Sacramento River Trail then went back and picked up Mom and we rode Sacramento River Trail, Both Wednesday (6 miles) and Thursday (10 Miles).
Click Here for a few photos of Mom and me and the great trail they have in Redding.
BTW ..... My Mother is 78 years young and as had heart surgery!!!

Put the new wetsuit on for the first time and what a feeling!!! It seems to make you slide through the water VERY easy!. We'll see when I test it in the big pool at the club. :-)

Date, Friday 02-04-05:

I got the "Cipo" bike ready and with Alberts suggestion road the "Oak Run" loop 66 miles from the house and back. Click here for a few photos.

Sorry there are not more photos during the climb and decent :-( . I was working too hard on the climb to stop, and having to much fun on the decent to stop :-)

After the climb the run down Oak Run Rd for the first 7 or 8 miles was 30 mph to 45 mph non stop, I did not even peddle up just coasted!!!!!!! What a HOOT!!!!

Date, Monday 02-07-05:

Down to 184 this morning!!!
I swam my chart this morning thinking I may not be able to do it. DUHHH of course I could! 100 lengths of the pool!!!
I swam 5x50 each 50 at about an easy 55 seconds with a 15 second rest.
Then 2x1000!. The first in 21:22, the second in 22:24 with a 2 or 3 minute rest between. Then cooled down with a 250-yard swim with the fins on so I could relax and enjoy watching the young lady beside me kicking my ass even with my fins on!!! I was cruising at about 27 second lengths and she must have been doing 21 second lengths since she kept passing me every third or fourth lap!! AND she looked like she was JUST CRUISING.
OOO well….. Just keep trucking along and someday………

Date, Tuesday 02-08-05

WOW this morning I weighed in at 183.4!!! I am not exactly sure what’s happening but I have a idea.
1: Because of the NO DRINKING resolution I am putting away a lot of other fluids (no Sodas) like juices and Gatorade, so I am now drinking a 0 calorie flavored water drink from Wal-Mart.
2: I have cut down more on snacking and Kathy continues to feed me well for dinner.
3: My exercise routine is becoming more vigorous, and more often, trying to stay at my chart level or even doing a tad more if I can while at the same time trying not to over train.
I am going to work very hard now and watch my intake, continuing to lose more weight. I would love to see 175 or LESS if possible.

Date, Monday 02-14-05

This morning at 6:00 a.m. I jogged from the Airport Club with Jim and Martha, two of the regular joggers on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning jog group.

I worked with Susan early on walking and jogging a little at the beginning but this was the first time I really worked out with anyone.

We went 4.3 miles in 39 minutes averaging a 9.07 pace!!! This is a major break through for my running! I now know I can do this. This pace for 13.1 miles would give me JUST under a two hour run and this is my goal, and I have 6 months more to train!!!

Jim (48) is a Marathon Man and he was kind enough to run slow enough to let me hang until the last quarter mile and then they both just pulled away from me.

This was the farthest and fastest I have ever run/jogged in my life, and we even talked most of the way!!! I am looking forward to this M/W/F jog.

Swimming I basically took the day off after the big run. I swam 500 yards, doing it in 100-yard sections. I understand one of the tests to get into the masters is doing 5/100’s in less than 10 minutes. I am not sure how much time you are to get for rest between each 100 or if it’s just your 10 minute total with rest using your time, but I rested for 15 to 30 seconds the times are has follows 2:01, 1:46, 1:51, 1:53, 1:52. This computes out to 9:38 for 500 yards. I have to guess on the exact rest time but I think I averaged about 20 seconds between efforts so my total time would be 10:58. Still a little short of the goal if no rest time is allowed. BUT I was on cruise control and I am sure I can do a 500 yard swim straight through in under 10 minutes.

Date, Wednesday 02-16-05


A number of things happened today, they were all positive. Last week I came to the realization of what I was doing,….
.... IS REALLY HARD!! Can I really do this?
Today, after starting to doubt myself I came the realization I CAN DO THIS!!
At 183 I am lighter than I have been in 20 years, and looking for more weight lose.
I CAN GET TO 175 and below!!!

So you say why do I have this new confidence that you thought I had all along?

This morning my 4.25 mile run was fantastic! No quad problems anymore, I went farther and faster than I ever have, AND talked most of the way. We did the loop in 36 minutes 21 seconds! That’s a 8.43 pace or 7.12 mph. This pace for 13.1 miles would give me a 1 hour 50 minute run which is 10 minutes faster than my goal!!! I know 4.25 is not the same has 13.1 miles but remember I could not swim 50 yards a couple of months ago.

Today during Per-Masters I swam 1000 yards in under 20 minutes!!! I was told I could move to the MASTERS swim class today!!!! Catherine said YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!! :- YES!

Date, Saturday 02-26-05

This last week has been interesting to say the least.

I moved from Pre-Masters Wed morning to Masters Thursday evening…. Got my ass kicked!! Karen was right on top of my lane helping and pushing me, she is great!

You can tell from my last entry since running with the 6:00 AM M/W/F runners I have new confidence in my running. This last week ran the 4.25 mile loop in the mid 8 minute pace every time. Friday there were seven, the largest group so far (many were out of town for vacation or a race) Jim, Martha and I slowly pulled away from the others by the two mile mark and has usual the pace quickens the last half mile from the cinemas to the club. Martha dropped back a little and I just looked down at Jim’s shoes and tried like hell to stay with him, to no avail, he just motored away but I finished strong with a 35:18, 8:26 pace!! I am on track.

I mailed in my registration, check and have joined the“TRIDOGS” a Triathletes club in Santa Rosa, I figured I needed this to complete my Odyssey and learn as much as possible. We’ll see.

Saturday morning I road with the“TRIDOGS” . WOW! What a ride! Fastest farthest ride I have ever been on. They are really ANIMALS :- ) We climbed Chalk Hill Rd, pace lined to Cloverdale, climbed Dutcher Creek, and went 57.30 miles in 3:11:20, with an 18.0 mph average!

In the process I think I have meet some new friends. Jeff (Karen’s husband), Tom and I road much of the time together creating a pretty darn good team. When we could not hang with the main pelton the three of us were able to keep up a good enough rhythm to keep the second pelton completely out of sight.

I am looking forward to meeting all these neat folks. Just a newbee comment but It’s interesting that so many“A” personalities can have a relationship and team like this.

Well Sunday is a day off and boy do I need it.

Date, Monday 02-28-05

Today was a little bit of a hardship. I was still worn out from the beating I took Saturday with the“Tri-Dogs” I took Sunday off but got a little tingle in my throat that’s still there. My back is acting up a little also, but the biggie is Kitty problems, our little baby Frankie has had a relapse and it’s heart breaking. I got NO sleep last night and nether did Kathy both of us with tears in our eyes most of the night. I was sure I would never see her again when I left to run this morning. But after visiting our vet we decided to take her Tuesday for some tests that will cost a few bucks but I do not want this kitty to leave us so soon.

Anyway to the run….. It was slow but faster than I thought. 35:52, which computes out to an 8.35 pace or 7.18 mph. Still pretty good. Jim was great he knows I want to run with him to the end but have nothing left. He actually pulled away then slowed when he saw I was putting in an effort to regain is heel. I catch him but was out of gas and he was gone to the finish.

Well February is gone and on to March and March Magic ….. I signed up for 500 miles this year, plus have all the Triathlon training to contend with ……..and out we go…….

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......