Apirl 2005 Chronicles

Date, Thursday 04-06-05

WOW I have only swam ONCE since the 22nd of March! Since I moved to the "Masters" swim class I have had a hard time getting all my ducks in a row. Seems something always comes up.
I started run training Tuesday evening with the "Tri-Dogs" which messed up my swim that evening. This Tuesday I got a cramp in my butt which is still bothering me. I had to stop running.
This Saturday is my first open water swim and swimming seems to be what I have stopped training, I better get back on the horse as things are starting to come up quickly now.

Date, Saturday 04-09-05

Another WOW day! I did the "Ice Breaker swim" in preparation for next weeks "Ice Breaker TriForFun"
It was scary ...140 swimmers in a mass start about 30 feet wide, unbelievably cold! Then swimming AWAY from the beach, no pool with sides to push off on every 25 yards, no little black line to follow, The buoy looked like it was 5 miles away and it was hard to see and get a fix on causing me to take in some water a couple of times trying to look up and swim at the same time!! I had to stop and tread water a couple of times to get my wits about me and go again, but I finally got around the loop in 18:22. Being the cocky guy I am I was sure I could do 16:00 or under since I have done 900 yards in the pool in 14:55 a couple of times. Guess what? The lake is just a tad bit different :-/ . I am so so so glad I did this swim, at least I have that experience under my belt and I know what to except. I am sure I will do better next time and hope I can finish the TriForFun in a good time.

My butt is still not right but I'll try running Monday morning with the Airport club group.

Date, Wednesday 04-13-05

This morning I weighted in at 175!!!!

This was the overall goal in February of 2003 when Albert and I picked up my first real bicycle in Windsor. I weighted 218 pounds. Although at that time I had no idea I would have swam 80,000 yards and ran 260 miles AND bicycled 2100 miles since Oct of 04.

The bad news is I am having some physical problems and have a doctor’s appointment today. Don’t want to give you“to much information” but back problems, muscle problems and then it looks like I am not taking in enough fluids, causing a major body function failure. I am hoping that this problem is easily fixable since my last visit in January I had EVERYTHING checked out and after all tests came back was told I was good to go.

Date, Monday 04-18-05

This morning after the “Ice Breaker Triathlon I weighted in at 180!!!! :-(

Well I did it! It was not pretty but I finished 5th in my age group getting a fifth place plaque (Click for Photo).

I had a slight asthma attack before the swim and it turned into a full-blown panic attack before I exited the water, it was COLD, WINDY, with WHITE CAPS! I swim from the middle and got knocked and banged around magnifying the problem went vertical after only 200 yards or so and had to struggle to make it around the course. Almost did not make it. It took a long time to even think about the bike, the transition must have taken ages! When I did finally leave the transition area I felt pretty good and hammered the bike part. I pretty much spent myself trying to hard on the bike, but the bike to run transition went really smooth considering. I had to walk a lot of the run never doing trails or hills it was pretty hard, but I got it done and on the home stretch Vince was waiting for me and ran with me until just before the finish line! I gotta say it was very very emotional and I almost cried. (Click here for the video.) I DID IT! It was not pretty but I got it done, got knocked down a notch or two and will come back strong next time for sure.

Vince has signed on as my coach (Click for Photo) and I am sure with his guidance I will excel.

I am having some physical problems I don’t want to go into right now, one is pretty darn serious and to be truthful has me really scared right now. The other is just muscles tying up and such, so I am taking the week off from swimming and running.

Wildflower is next Sunday and I will continue training on the bicycle.

Date, Monday 04-25-05

Can you believe it! We did not take a camera! But the Wildflower Century was great all had a great weekend and lots of fun Saturday we went on a little spin with Albert then Kathy and I had dinner that evening with Albert, Chad and Kelly.

Sunday the ride was WET but FUN. Everyone rode great and we had a safe drive back to Windsor.

Date, Wednesday 04-27-05


I have been at Kaiser in Physical Therapy all week trying to get my “Charlie Butt” to go away and last night was my first Masters swim, this morning was my first run since the“Ice Breaker” a week ago Sunday. We did a nice slow 4.25 miles in 37:42 and my butt felt pretty good…….

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......