December 2004 Training Chronicles Archives

Date, Saturday 12-04-04:

DID IT!! One of the loops that has been on my list since the beginning finally got done yesterday.

Albert invited me to go riding with him and Anton a young strong bicycle racer in training. He did not say where we were going but I had an idea he had big plans for me so I opted to take “Old Blue” my trusty three ringer with the 27 in the rear. This was a smart move since he chose the “Geysers Loop”!! I have only dreamed of this ride! We rode from Healdsburg to Cloverdale then over the back side of the Geysers Road from the North to the South, leaving the TWO horrific climbs for the end after a long slow climb to the entrance to the Geyser’s Plant. These two climbs are killers of about 4 miles each with little or no place to get a breather, it’s peddle or let the Mountain lions and Vultures have you for supper!! Click here for a map and profile. Click here for close up of the two climbs,

I cannot remember how many times Albert and Anton came back to make sure I was still coming…. I was in survival mode just trying to keep my HR at 130 to 140 and just keep cranking, not knowing how far or how high and hard I had to climb at the end.

Thanks guys I made it!!! 56.45 miles and 7500 feet of climbing mostly in 28 miles!!!

Date, Wednesday 12-08-04:

Today I swam for 12 minutes non-stop 22 laps which is about 25% of the 1.2 mile swim for the Vineman.

Date, Wednesday 12-15-04:

Breakthrough swimming today closed with 4 speed laps of 20,19,18,17 seconds!!

Date, Thursday 12-16-04:

Over trained!! Bonked on run ran 1.5 miles then walked second lap only planned on two laps thank God. Rode home with new aero water bottle installed and will add some Camelbak parts to make it work better.

Date, Wednesday 12-29-04:

Has the sixth day of no training starts I am starting to finally get out of a great depression that has come over me. (Is there a doctor in the house?)

I took Saturday, Christmas off to be with family.

Then Sunday it started raining and my back that had been bothering me a couple of days went out big time so it was now easy to stop. I also have been having small pains in the ball of my shoulder, my jaw and my ankle, I have no idea what’s up with that. It’s like when you sleep on your arm wrong…. Something like that. (Is there a doctor in the house?)

Monday, Tuesday it rained and rained

Tuesday night I went to bed with NO back pain, it just stopped hurting. Well almost since my back hurts ALL the time, but the major pain went away and it actually felt GOOD Wednesday for the first time in a week.

Wednesday my swim class was canceled. So I decided to run my eight-mile loop from the shop, I felt GREAT for a change. I got ready and headed out feeling like“KING OF THE WORLD”, but did not stretch, very big mistake! I did not get half mile and my right Quad cramped up so bad I called Kathy to come and pick me up. (Is there a doctor in the house?) The good news is this setback did not send in the depression again. I will NEVER run again without stretching

Today is Thursday, which is my day to run. Stay tuned......

Date, Thursday 12-30-04

Now I am just PISSED OFF!! I started to run and got ONE mile and cramped up again :-( I had Kathy come and pick me up. Walked it out and at home walked and ran on the trainer for 1.50 miles and CRAMPED UP AGAIN!!!! I don't know what the hell is going on with my quads but I am fighting mad now! So I will spend has much time has I can working on this problem.

This will be the last post of 2004.
Happy New Year to ALL!!

Date, Friday 12-31-04

I lied :-) I am going to end the year with a positive post!!! After cramping up TWO days in a row I decided to swim today. I put on the fins to work on my upper body and breathing. WELLLLL I took off and did not stop for 27:32 minutes!!! I swam 64 non stop laps ALMOST a MILE!!!! AND ontop of that I felt SUPER after. I felt like I could do it again. I think the pain in my shoulder and jaw is from swimming, my breathing and stroking FORWARD with my shoulder. SO that parts figured out :-)

This will be the last post of 2004.
Happy New Year to ALL!!

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......