The Beginning
October / November 2004 Training Chronicles Archives

Date, 9-28-04 Tuesday:
I went to the“Club” for my first swim and floundered 250 yards barely making it across for one lap at a time.

Date, 10-08-04 Friday:
First run training, walked 2 miles running or jogging only about one minute. Legs (Quads) cramped up bad!

Date, 10-12-04 Tuesday:
Second run training, walked 2 miles running or jogging the last half mile home. Legs (Quads) did not cramp!

Date, 10-13-04 Wednesday:
First tech swim class, Swam over 1,000 yards!! and completed 4 laps in a row with out stopping. Started a exercise with fins and after two kicks my calves charlie horsed on me, bad and I stopped short for the day. :-(

Date, 10-20-04 Wednesday
Today was a day to note. I swam 1200 yards today and completed 6 laps in a row with out stopping. I did far better than I thought I could do. The students and teacher are very supportive. A time note: At the end of the class we swam 4 laps, 100 yards for time. I came in third at 1:48 about 37 seconds a lap after swimming 1100 yards I thought that was fantastic. (I need about 22 seconds a lap for 85 laps to make this Half-Vineman thing work. :-) )

Then I ran into the spinning instructor while checking out. We had a nice talk and I decided to hang around for 45 minutes and give it a chance. I have NEVER been so soaking wet! It was the best and hardest 45 minutes I have ever spent peddling! It seems to be a great training session so I am gong to add it to the training schedule

Date, 11-10-04 Wednesday:
Been off much of this month so far. :-( Shop work, Website work, Motorcycle show Saturday have kept me from my training regiment. Then have been feeling off since Sat night. It's been raining for two days which makes an easy excuse to not go out.

I keep saying I got nine months BUT ....... I want to be REAL ready so I need to get back on the horse.
Putting road tires on the mountain bike this evening and will start commuting on it to keep the road bikes clean. :-)

Today while not feeling up to par I STILL had a great swim! BUT the last two cool down laps my legs starting cramping up again, I need to figure this out they should not be doing this. :-( More bananas :-). I decided to skip my spin class because of the cramped legs :-( . Now to get back to jogging and bicycling and back on course.

Date, 11-11-04 Thursday:
Still off a little but feeling better.
Converted the Iguana into my new commuter, don't want to get the road bikes wet :-) AND the Iguana is kind of a challenge. Rode home Westside in almost record time for the mountain bike: 1:09 and 17.5 ave.

Date, 11-13-04 Saturday:
I do not normally post the spins on my bicycle miles thinking it's not REALLY cycling :-) BUT Today I did a group spin for THREE HOURS!!! Maybe the hardest thing I have ever done!! No kidding, but it was worth it and I had a lot of support from the young ones next to me.

Since I Converted the Iguana, I have decided to make some bicycle changes. I am going to make the "Cipo Zebra Bike" my all out race bike and put the aero bars back on it. My "first love" the blue Allez will become my "club bike" and all around trainer. Stay tuned for photos.

Date, 11-20-04 Saturday:

I have been lurking on the“ Website for some time now trying to figure out what’s up with these Triathlon people.

This Saturday I went riding with them from the Airport Club. This was a different experience than any ride I have been on so far.

About 10 or 12 showed up, all“A” personality triathletes. I tried not to show it but my heart rate was 94 when I turned on my monitor, a little nervous? Yup. It came down to 74 right away still way high from a starting point of 55 to 60 normally. IT”S ONLY A RIDE DUDE!!

It was posted has a“Social” ride for the out of shape Tri-dogs thank God. We rode from the Airport Club to Healdsburg for coffee then back, via Westside road then back on Old Redwood Highway.

All of the riders were younger than me by far except maybe one rider. Trying to“Ride Smart” and NOT pee on any trees I tried to blend into the group, right away I found myself riding INSIDE a peloton of 12 riders AT speed!!! I have never done this before and it was scary at first then it became a rush like splitting lanes on a motorcycle. I was amazed that they did not seem to be concerned that I was there inside the group since I was an unknown factor.

Of course any one of these riders could kick my ass at any given time but I still was trying to feel out the BIG DOGS and see where I fell in the circle.

Over all it was a great ride and I hung in there with them very well, then letting it hang out on Westside when a breakaway decided to exit at a really fast pace. I decided to go with them and hung onto the four man breakaway all the way to West Dry Creek road, about three or four miles. This little diddy was about has fast has I have ever gone in a group. It was a rush!!! When they slowed I was ready.

The ride back up Old Redwood Highway and Eatside was great, Tom and I lead the peloton at about 20mph chatting all the way. I though it would get more aggressive going back but it was a calm fun pace.

I have been riding with the SRCC Club now for over a year but this group today had a real electric feeling in it that I have never experienced before.

It was real nice to have the trust, I learned a lot today. New people, New riding style, New ideas.

Now I have to decide on if I can afford a coach. I need direction, and I need help,

Date, 11-27-04 Saturday:

I had a great work out in the gym then swam 1000 yards stringing 10 laps together (250 yards) :-)
Then I decided to jog from home and my Quads cramped up AGAIN!!! I thought I was through this problem. Now I have to make sure I warmup good and be careful about food intake and such :-(
GOT to figure this out!!

Date, 11-30-04 Tuesday:

I am disappointed with my training so far. I really need to get my head out of my ass and get in gear!!

My motivation is bad and I have gotten blisters right off the get go… my quads have been cramping up on my runs and I have not been swimming enough on my own.

The up side is my bicycling is going along great, but I really need to pick the pace up on running and swimming

Anyone reading this feel free to drop me a line and say I AM WATCHING!! Get in gear boy!!

On to December….

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......