A little history.
I have really never been a sports nut. My claim to fame was in 1957 when I went to the "Los Angeles JR Olymics" at age ten. I came in LAST.
But to get there I kicked ass in Pomona Califorina :-) Check out the photos of the MASTER 10 year old swimmer of Pomona.


The finish, by a MILE!

The Awards

If you want to know why I went completely crazy and have decided to swim, bike and run farther than I can even think about at this time read The Rookie. That's the story of how I got hooked on Bicycles. For more craziness check out the "March Magic" page
Then Paul Perkins and Anthony Romania came into town to do the Half-Vineman. They stayed at the house and Kathy and I helped them at the swim transition. I was hooked!! We joined the “Airport Club” gym and I have started training for“The Quest”.
I am documenting this for a couple of reasons.
So my friends and family can keep track of the craziness and also by posting this I HAVE TO KEEP GOING!

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To view a short video of my "Ice Breaker" effort go to the April Chronicles. The movie link is on 04-18-05 entry

Date, Friday 07-01-05

Today I learned about hydration.

We went to a party Thursday night and I drank to much.
Friday morning I could not answer the bell at 4:30 AM
I took my running gear to work and decided to run from Healdsburg to Windsor
It was a ruff day and I was stressed out and it was hot.
Left the shop at 4:15 planning on getting home about 5:15 or 5:30.
It was a struggle getting through town and by the time I got to the river I was toast.
So I called Kathy and had her pick me up, by the time she got to me I was almost to the freeway and had run 3 miles or so
…. But it was ugly…. I had drank ALL of my fluids in 3 miles!!! Very bad.
So all in all it was a good thing and I learned a lesson in hydration, preparation, and attitude.

Date, Saturday 07-02-05

Today I learned about knowing when to poop. :-)

I was on the road at 9:00 am or so and did the Vineman loop, I dropped something and had to back track from Wohler bridge back up Eastside road the coast back down looking. I found what I had lost but it added about 4 miles and 15 minutes to my time.

The time was great even with the delay I did the loop in 3:15:56 at 18.2 mph for a total of 60 miles.

The run after the bike is SOOOO hard and today I got presented with an additional problem. After I got about a half mile out on my 4 mile run I decided I needed to take a poop. Well it was a real struggle to keep going, I had to walk a couple of time to keep thing intact until I got home but I ran the 4 miles in 38:47 under a 10 minute pace even with the walking delays.

All in all I have started the LAST month of training out in a good way. Learning some lessons in the process.

Date, Thursday 07-14-05

The last week as been HELL for my training :-(
MOTOGP was great!!! We had a good weekend and saw a lot of friends many of them noticing the 45lbs that are gone :-)
On the run Sunday I got a rash on my butt from Saturdays poop control problem and I had to take Monday off. :-(
Swam Tuesday then it was WORK WORK WORK .... We were at the front gate and 5:45 AM and did not get back to the motel until late. It was a wonderful MAD HOUSE all week end :-)

I Started back Tuesday with a 80 lap swim then ran 8 miles Wed and rode home that afternoon 28 miles. SO I feel I am back on the horse.


Date, Saturday 07-23-05

Only a week left!!!!! I swam the course this morning! It was a great time in the river much different than open water. We had a guy from the Vineman go with us in a canoe and give us pointers. We had a talk before we started then stopped twice on the way up the river and talked. It was great! The swim back was straight through and I did it in 16:45 and felt GREAT!!! Then I tied in with new found friends, a young lady (44) and John (64) and we pace lined to Wohler bridge were the young lady broke off to Eastside road. John and I went on up to Healdsburg and back down Old Redwood Hwy to Starr, I said good day to John then home for me. At this point I was to run for 20 minutes or about two miles or just down to Reiman and back, easy!!!.


When I pulled into the garage where my running shoes and cap were waiting I started to over heat. (Temp was 99 outside) I felt very bad and decided to take a cold shower rather than take a chance of getting really sick or worse by running :-(. After a shower and a little nap on the couch I felt a little better. Kathy was going to shop after we started the bicycle ride and to my suprise she was home also saying she felt bad just standing at the beach waiting for us to return. IT WAS HOT. Besides I was to do only TWO disciplines this day and I had. :-)

Date, Sunday 07-24-05

Today I am to run for 75 minutes. We got up early and watched the TOUR, and at about 9:30 I was on the road. I ran down to Mark West Station and back for a total of 70 minutes and I did 35 down and 35 back so I kept up a steady pace of 6.5 mph. If I can keep this pace next week it will put at the finish in about 2:06. If it's not 100 degrees out next week I should be able to do this.

When I got back home I took a nice long cold shower and at that point I have decided ......

I have already won the race! .....

I am confident I will finish and that is now my goal, just to finish. The bottom line here is I have lost over 45 pounds, I feel better than I ever have. And I just ran 7.5 frinken miles!!!!! Last year at this time I could not walk to the end of the block.


Date, Thursday 07-28-05

Today I swam the actual course by myself in 32:26 I guess I was about 100 yards short at the turn around but I basicly did it nice an easy an smooth.
I am READY!!!

Date, Friday 07-29-05

Today I ran the short loop 1.8 miles in 16:20 ..... went back to the club and said by thank yous to everyone there!! I
am READY!!!

And the adventure continues ...... STAY TUNED .......