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Salt Point Getway
November 22nd 23rd 24th
The Hwy 36ers
From the Labor day ride)
wanted to ride again so we thought up this Sonoma Coast ride for November.

What a GREAT time had by all! Dinner Friday and Sat nights were great and I will add in photos of them ASAP.
Salt Point Lodge is 17 miles north of Jenner.
Stewarts Point is another 10 miles up the road
Bob Dragich
Famous Photographer and ad agent for RRWMT Magazine
Don & June
Harold & Joan
The Group at the Bridge.
The Group at Booneville
The Group at Booneville

The Group Relaxing Sat night in the Hot Tub.
JD House B&B
JD House B&B
JD House B&B
JD House B&B
JD House B&B
JD House B&B
Hwy One
at the
Mouth of the Russian River
Hwy One Looking North From the Russian River
Special secret stop at Tokales Oyster Company
Bob & Kathy
Susan & Andy
Geraldo had his own admirers.
The table before
The table during
The table After
Geraldo & Lynne
This is what it's all about.
Friends and fun! Come join us next tme!!