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2002 Race Season
RKA Racing Team Page
Thunderhill Raceway 06-16-02

Click on any photo for a bigger image
A quick recap of the year.

March 11th Thunderhill I crash in turn 3 on the FIRST lap! Testing the new bike twisting my angle bad. And worst of all killing my confidence level.

March 24th Race 1 Buttonwillow At the season opener a top 20 finish!
19th 250P:
22nd 250SB:

April 14th Race 2 Sears Point
Blewup the race bike in practice,
purchase a 2000 model used 250 from G&B.
27th 250P
DNF 250SB crashed out at turn 7 on the first lap (first ever race crash)

May 26th Race 3 Sears Point
We had to go to the 49er rally in Auburn, CA. missing the May race at Sears Point.

June 16th Race 4 Thunderhill the scene of the March 11th crash. My confidence level is in the gutter.
26th 250P
37th 250SB

Just as well put the novice plates back on.

I was a complete mess, missing my braking markers and entry points, screwing up turn three everytime for about three laps trying to figure out why I crashed there instead of concentrating on what I was GOING TO DO.

This is the layout of the track, remember all photos are clickable.

There were actually a couple of high sides to the weekend. One was 250P and my dice with France and Lisa, France ran me down and passed on the second to last lap. The photo at right is France and I having fun. But on the last turn he over cooks it and runs off the track. He did not go down and after I got straightened out on the front straight, I did what I never do, I looked back to see how he was. There was dirt flying all over the place but he was back on course and coming for me. I also saw what I didn't want to see, Lisa was on my ass big time!! Only a length back at the start finish!!!


I put my head down and tried as hard as I could on a totally stock motorcycle and a confidence level that sucked big time. Lisa was the best thing that could happen to me, I knew she was right there and I knew she wanted around me BAD. Photo at left is me, and you can see Lisa in the background coming for me! Photo at right was taken possibly on the last lap at turn 10 you can see the blood in her eyes!!

At the finish line no body gets by!! I setup, look back and I could have touched Lisa's Helmet!! And France was almost side by side with her!!!!

This photo is the cool down lap and I AM A HAPPY CAMPER just to finish and get some of my confidence back!!!

All the race photographs in this report were taken by our track photographer Gary Rather . This guy works really hard to get really cool photos of us amateurs having too much fun! Thanks Gary!

The other Highlight of the weekend was my best friend Steve Sommer got his race license.

Dave of course helped Steve setup the bike and help him through tech.

Kathy and I found some correct apparel for him to wear and he was ready to rock!

For his first time at ThunderHill he did great.

I told him to follow me around the first lap and I would show him the ropes. Well I guess I got carried away a warmed up a little to fast leaving Steve to figure out the cource on his own. He told me he came over the top of the Cyclone and everything disappeared!! And off the cource he went! Thankfully he was already on a dirt bike and made it back on the turn at the next turn!

This is a photo of Jill and the girls showing off the specially made waist packs RKA made for them to carry stickers for tech inspection and practice numbers.

These photos I am not sure of what they are doing, but I wish I had a pit crew like Gary.

Now on to Buttonwillow for race number five, (fourth one for me) with a positive attitude and a track I can run around pretty good.

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