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2002 Race Season
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Buttonwillow Raceway 03-24-02

Click on any photo for a bigger image
Terry does dirtbiking while running in 7th position.
Kathy missed the video but we got the audio :-)

Terry does the dirt dance.

Here is the video of the first lap crash seen from the tower.

Lap one 250P crash

Here is the video of the first lap crash seen from both the tower AND on board!!

working on it :-)


To start my race report off, I want to start the story back on the 15th of December 2001.
During a "Club Desmo" track day I laid the bike down at close to 100mph entering "Lost Hills" at Buttonwillow. I had our on board camera rolling so you can live it with me here:


So we had our work cut out for us over the winter
Wink, my old mechanic and now my new mechanic rebuilt the whole motorcycle during the winter.
Spend $600.00 to straighten the frame. Purchased a new fairing, having new signage done, etc etc.

On the 11th of March we took the finished motorcycle to Thunderhill for a Keigwins trackday. (This is a well run operation).

While Wink finished up a few things on the race bike I took the TL1000 out for a session. I ran about seven or eight laps running with our new My-Chron timer. I was running four seconds faster than I have ever been around Thunderhill!! I came in and checked the times again and was ecstatic!!

I mounted the little Ninjette thinking from the get-go, NEW TIRES, NEW TIRES, NEW TIRES, I waited at the hot pit entrance for the front straight to be empty so I could go real slow the first lap or two and warm-up the new tires. Turn one a big left hand sweeper no problem, Turn two left hander a horseshoe type smaller radius turn, no problem, Turn three is a off camber, decreasing radius, down hill right hander. As soon as I THOUGHT about turning in to the turn I was down like a sack of potatoes!! I low sided the bike and tumbled over and over many times. The bike sled into the ?V? of the shoulder and flattened out the right side of the bike like a pancake! While I was flipping I must have slammed by ankle into something VERY immovable, I pulled it very bad, (Had it x-rayed that evening and they found nothing broken). One of the Keigwin's helpers stopped and helped me pick the bike up, the handle bar was broken (Duh, first thing to go on the Nijettes). I fired it up with the throttle in my hand loose, got it rolling and road it back to the pits.

Kathy and Wink had very disappointed looks on their faces to say the least, two and a half turns on a new motorcycle an down like a sack of S#*t.!!

Let me just say, If it were not for the $750.00 Daytona Security boots I was wearing I would have SMASHED my ankle BIG TIME! I want to thank Helmot for my leathers that did their job 150%!!, They look real broke in now.


Friday was an open track day and Kathy took the SV650 down and had a great time. Jack Walshe stopped me and asked who was that riding the "2RKA" bike, when I said Kathy he was surprised and had to come over and speak to hear. She rocks!!

I went out for the first session with my confidence level in the gutter, I was scared to turn right. After a couple of laps I was back in the groove, having the My-Chron timer was great. I was turning 2:28 then down to 2:23's I was hoping to turn in the teens but was happy with my times considering my mind set.
Last year I was in the 2:17's and turned a 2:16.009 almost a 2:15 so I was really off my game.

The weekend was riddled with rain and we thought the "Newbes" would not get their sessions in. But the skies were nice to them and they completed their school late Saturday afternoon. All passing and getting their license's Congratulations Sue, Andy, and Rob!!!!

Saturday evening Wink helped me with starts and I practiced a few and felt pretty good about it. I had not given starts much thought other than I sucked at them and you need a good start or else continue to be a back marker. Thanks Wink.


I got a KILLER start and shoot from the 5th row to the 3rd row instantly!! But the guy in the third row (who eventually finished 7th ) popped a gigantic wheelie and the bike started to fall toward the right, right where I was going! I checked up and he got going but was actually in my way through one two and three.

Then exiting the bus stop there was a horrific crash in front of us!! Kathy videoed it from the tower, video at the top of this page.

I have on board video from one of the riders and will ask him if I can use it on the website, pretty awesome stuff!! Nobody got hurt.

Second start I was determined to get another good start and proceeded to JUMP THE START!! I stopped in time but while I was stopping the flag was flying!! Actually got a good line into one and settled in with the second group. On lap two I out broke two riders into two and was in front of the second group for a moment or two!! I looked up and NOBODY was in front of me I could not believe it!! But they all started coming back by me and I lost position after position dropping from 14th place back to 19th. Still not bad for an old fat man and the thing that got me was every lap was faster getting down to mid 2:20's. I was having a great time dicing with 852 Guy Hutchinson, 664 Doug Alder, 854 Jay Kinberger, and then Dale 930 came by DAMN. Then on the last lap Adam 758 came by me DAMN DAMN!! I think Adams main goal for the weekend was to beat the old fat man! Congratulations Adam!! Just don't EVER let your guard down I will be right there always!!

This was the 14th to 19th finish and we were all on the front straight together at the finish! It was a GREAT DICE!! Except I was on the wrong end of it.

Terry was in 7th position when he decided to do a little dirt riding down the front straight. Kathy was videoing and waiting for me to come around so she did not pan but check out the audio!! You DA MAN Terry!! Problem was he lost four positions and fell back to 11th , but HEY he stayed up right!!

The order of the group:

Terry Cheney
YA Baby!!!
Michael Neal
You are back Dude!!!!
Richard Battles
(That's me folks shoulda been 14th , Capt Redline)
Raghu Belur
With bent forks no less.
Andy Grayson
Newbes number one GREAT FINISH!!
Susan Urquhart
Newbes number two GREAT FINISH!!
Rob Leslie
Newbes number three GREAT FINISH!!
Matt S
is in China
Dave W
has a bad back, but was the BEST pit helper in the world!!


This was GREAT fun I really like it when they run the 250P race first, then you go out and have some fun!
I was girded in the middle of the 7th row with about 35 bikes in front of me, but some how I got ahead of Michael Neal. After a couple of laps Michael came by, but to my amazement I was able to hang with him and it was a HOOT!! He has turn nine down perfect!! Everytime we came around to nine I was laughing in my helmet because I KNEW someone else was going to loose a position to Michael! And every lap he would pass one or maybe two riders there!! I would get by them in the next turn or two as they were still trying to get their wits about them !!

After the finish line I looked back and NOBODY was behind me!! I was afraid I finished last or something, I went to check the finish order and started looking down in 35th or 36th spot and could not find my name!! I had finished 22nd in the damn SUPERBIKE race!!!! Talk about a happy camper!! And my times were consistent 2:20?s, and I didn?t get lapped my Graham!

The order of the group:

Michael Neal
You are back Dude!!!!
Richard Battles
(That's me folks, Capt Redline)
Terry Cheney
He was just playing starting in the back.
Raghu Belur
With bent forks no less
Andy Grayson
Newbes number one GREAT FINISH!!
Rob Leslie
Newbes number two GREAT FINISH!!
Susan Urquhart
Newbes number three GREAT FINISH!!

WINK .... THANKS SOOO Much for your help, Especially after crashing the bike on the warm-up lap at Thunderhill trackday! :-(

DAVE .... Once again the angel helper!! I KNOW your back is hurting more than you let on take it easy!

Sue, Andy, Rob Congrads!!!! You all did great!!

Dave Moss .... Thanks for the riding lesson and letting me pass you :-)

Mic .... Thanks for the riding lesson and teaching me the line in turn nine. It was a hoot being able to follow you in the superbike race and KNOWING everytime we came to turn nine someone was gonna loose a spot :-)

Raghu .... Looks like you found someone to dice with from the giggles and smiles we saw afterwards :-) (Wink sees a lot more stuff to fix on your bike he thought he did not have to check :-(, but he will have it running great. )

Talk about great! Howabout that Terry Cheney guy!!! Shoulda been 7th!!!! But we all love to see the dirt bike riding :-) I will post audio and video although Kathy was not panning we got GOOD audio :-)

Talk about great! Howabout that Jon Bawden guy!!! WOOW!! STUNNING to watch.

It's scarey out there Dave Moss!!!! :-)

Kelly and Dale hardly got to say a word to you alls :-) that sucks

Kathy .... My wife and support, you all cannot imagine what an ass I am to live with ;-). AND how much support she gives me. Love you! she flaming friday or what!!!??

Well If Kathy sees this she'll shot me :-) I am to be on the couch, leg up, blood circulating. My ankle was full of adrinaline all weekend until Sunday night. Then all hell broke loose AGAIN :-( Feels like I just did it all over again :-(

BUT ............ Would not change but one thing ........ THE PITS!!

We need to figure out what you all want to do!! Not being next to each other was a real drag!!

I Think the world of EVERYONE in our group. We have the BEST group ever!!

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