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Buttonwillow Raceway 07-21-02

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Raghu 922.
From: Raghu Belur <r_belur@y...>
Date: Mon Jul 22, 2002 10:25 am
Subject: Re: 250p...Dale's condition (was Re: Results from this weekend?)


Boy, was this a wild weekend! My recollections of the turn 1 carnage are kind of sketchy, but here goes -

I started on Row 5 and had a good start and I was staying close to the outside.

I saw out of the corner of my eye someone on the left side tuck the front end.

A bike and a body come sliding across the track towards me, not sure if it was the same rider(2) or a different rider.

I try and avoid the bike/body as Dale next to me in trying to do the same executes this monster stoppie.

I think I make contact at this point and loose my front end and fall. I am not sure where I was on the track at this point. I also see a couple of bikes tangle it up off to my left.

I remember thinking - oh! shit, this is not a good place to fall, as I curl up into a ball.

Sure enough, almost immediately, I get smacked on the left side of my head and shoulder and it knocked me out. The corner worker was there pretty quickly and paramedic soon after they were great! I could hear Dale moaning, off to my right.

My shoulder, neck and back are quite sore this morning. Just dinged up all around but not too bad.

I wonder if there was someone who got this on video.

Best wishes to Dale for a speedy recovery.

Best wishes to Matt who crashed on Friday. Hope he heals well and fast.

Thanx to everyone for their help and support after the incident. Hopefully we will have a safer Sears Point weekend.

Raghu #922

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