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Buttonwillow Raceway 07-21-02

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Jack Walshe 88
From: JacksLists <JacksLists@m...>
Date: Mon Jul 22, 2002 2:04 am
Subject: Re: 250p...Dale's condition (was Re: Results from this weekend?)

On 7/22/02 2:00 AM, Denise Howard wrote:

This is all very alarming; maybe it's just as well I wasn't there. The worst stuff happens to the nicest people! Who all went down in the chaos? So far it sounds like Sean, Rick and Dale.

Jack writes:

Raghu went down as well, apparently got hit on the helmet by a footpeg (attached to bike)

Grindle had an alarming tale of taking 5 hits before escaping the melee.

I took my usual "safe" inside line and found a nice escape hole despite seeing a yellow endo blur which prob was Dale.

I hear that there may have been 2 independent triggers, one being Sean losing the front and I don¹t know about the second.

I think the facts will be interesting once we get thru the heresays.

I wonder if there is video?


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