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Cool shot from Thunderhill
by Gary Rather"

Cool shot from Thunderhill
by Gary Rather"
All other photos by Kathy Storin
2001 Race Season
RKA Racing Team Page
Sears Point Raceway 06-03-01

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I picked up "5" ... YES ... "5" seconds on my lap times this weekend!!!!!! 2:12.500 from a 2:17.300!! It was Sooooooo smooth .... into 2 and down into 4!! I still feel I am
going to slow in 7 and 11.

During practice Saturday my back went out. :-( I have had a bad back for 35 years but I have never had it go out on a motorcycle before. The last time it went I was getting up from the dining room table.

So Kathy helped me into my leathers and then decided to stay in the back of the practice group and see how I felt. During that practice I got a whole new attitude about carrying speed and passing. I was actually going faster by deciding the proper place to pass and not lose momentum. Well I thought the idea was great but in doing so Mike Norman from "G Force Motors" came over and lightly complained about my passing. I felt REALLY bad for a while and since my back was also killing me I was almost depressed that someone complained about my riding. :-(

I recapped what I had done spoke with my pits, Dave, Terry, Matt, Kelly etc. They assured me I had not done anything bad in their presence. So I decided not to be so depressed about Mike's comments and adjust my riding style if I felt it was needed. This is my account of that particular practice session.

First off Mike's times are apparently running in the 2:13 range so we are real close in times. I JUST got down to this time so just maybe I was riding more on the edge than I thought ;-) Hey it's racing ok ;-) I have been totally pinched off down the back straight to turn 7 on the warm-up lap by one of the top 5 riders and have never said a word, and I am SURE he did it just to let me know he was "da man". Not a problem. I have had a women slice by ass off on the outside going into turn 2 and you know what? It was her line and I had better back off or pay the consequences.

Mike passed me into 7 by out braking me on the inside, but I just motored around him on the outside (I was not going to give him the whole damn track) He said he had a wheel on me and I should have backed off. (Bull pucky ;-)) He got by me in 9 and I almost ran over him exiting 10. I out broke him (and 4 or 5 others) on the inside for a pass on 11 missing a down shift (Very Sorry about that move) :-(. He showed me a wheel on the inside into the chicane and I gave way (coulda dropped in on him without a problem ;-) )Then into 3A we caught Dave, Mike held his line behind Dave over
The rise and I tightened up and passed on the inside passing both Dave and Mike into 4. Then there was a red flag. and that was that.

Now Mike when you read this I want you to understand I understand, and I thank you for commenting on my riding and will take that into account. I just need another negative second opinion I guess. ;-)

Note: Mike Norman is the motorman!! If you want a motor call G Force! Not cheap though, but you get what you pay for. ;-)


I have had a cooling problem with my bike since day one and I was VERY lucky this weekend (It will be fixed before I race again).

I got what I thought was a really good start, "Racer Girl" was to my front left right where I could see her ;-, Jack was to my right. I passed jack on the start YES!! Got right on Jer's back wheel and then let everyone behind me pass going into 2. :-(.

Once we settled in I took out after Jer, and at one point I actually passed her in 11,

This is how close it is, That's Jer right in front of me at WFO, fun huh? ;-)
Racer girl and me :-) Video of turn 10
Racer girl and me :-) Video of Chicane
(Check out the video links under the photo at left. I actually passed Jer in eleven, but ..... well look at the videos ;-) )coming out of the chicane she put the hammer down and I could just tell by her body language that she was NOT going to let the old fat man by again ;-). I finished 22nd to her 21st My BEST EVER FINISH!! I was still a little disappointed about not getting by Racer Girl, AGAIN until I saw my times.

I was ROCKING!!! 2:13.5, 2:12.5, 2:12.6, 2:13.3, 2:14.7 then the bike started overheating and I shut it down to a 2:17.7 and a closing lap of 2:17.2 (which was FAST last month ;-) )Luckily no one else got by me.

Terry finished 18th and turned a 2:10! WOW! BUT only three bikes between me and him ;-)

I beat Jack 27th YES!!! Have I put him away for good? See below.
I beat Dave 28th YES!!! Just a dream?
I beat Mike 25th (G Force)
Our newbies are doing GREAT!!
Raghu Belhur 39th with a 2:18 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Mike Barentson 54th with a 2:23 ALL RIGHT!!!

Matt was 43rd JUST out of the teens with a 2:20.3 Damn!! Good ride Matt!! Next time you'll be into the teens for sure!

When I came in the bike was spewing water out the catch tank ;-( We pulled the bodywork off drained all the water and reloaded.


The start was another aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh affair and going into 3 someone crashed hard! Everyone put their hands up and we luckly rolled by, THEN I forgot .. We are STILL racing daaaaaaaaa back on the gas and away we go ;-)

About lap 5 Jack passed me exiting 11 and I said NO NO NO NOT JACK!!!! ;-) So I gave chase.
Jack's gunning me down!
Jack's gunned me down!
We passed 611 a novice 2 stroker and went on about our business with me RIGHT on Jack's ass trying to learn a thing or two about cornering ;-) The 2 stroke kept getting us on the straights then parking it in the corners .... Jack wouldn't have any of this and would go by, then I would get him on whatever side Jack didn't since he was WIDE in and cutting across to the inside like a rookie ;-)
Wellllllllllll going into 2 on the second to last lap my temp was in the red (Hello, in there anybody home? ... trying to tell you something Richard) I slid and blew the turn, thinking I was just OVER zealous (I believe I was spewing water on my tire at this point) I went on and into 4 blew the whole banana and went into the dirt......SOMEHOW I got back on at the entrance to 5 and then at the bottom of the carousel the leader of the 250SB race was just lapping me and has he passed me took the time to give me a thumbs up for the save!!!!

I turned real good times again for me. 2:14.3, 2:12.9, 2:14.4, 2:12.9, 2:19.9 exiting turn 4 and reentering the track at turn 5 ;-) and a 2:17.0 on the last lap.

Terry 31st 2:10.3 knocking on the 9's boy!!!!!
Jer 33rd 2:11.9 knocking on YOUR door Terry ;-)
Jack 35th 2:12.0 Jack you let the 2 stroke by ;-)
Dave 36th 2:13.0 DAMN Dave's getting back on track ;-)
Richard 37th 2:12.8 Looking for 10's, Dave, Jack and Jer!
Matt 49th 2:21.6 Come on Matt
get the teens next time for sure ;-)
Kelly "The Man" turn 10 WFO.
Knut from "MAXMOTO" turning a 1:57
on his Aprila 250, WooooW!! AND a 10th place finish in 250SB!!!!
Understand this is a 250 SuperBike race and the FIRST 250P bike was 23rd.

Both races the bike overheated during the last two laps and I slowed to
2:17's (Which used to be fast for me ;-))

Bottom line here (Finally ;-) ) I felt Sooooooooooo within myself ALL
weekend picking up 5 seconds!!

I will miss the next race. We will be in Redmond Oregon for the BMW National Rally. Sooooo hope to see ya all at Sears in August


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