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If you have not read "The Pace" read it. If you have read "The Pace" read it again.
Kathy and I have become addicted to Trackdays, so right of the old bat you may want to know what the heck TRACKDAYS are.
How would you like to take your motorcycle to the racetrack, get out there with 25 or so other riders of your ability and go as fast as you like? That's Trackdays in a nutshell.
The reason for this page is we want you to have the opportunity to go with us if you are in our area. If you are not in our area there are many people and clubs that host Trackdays and I will try to help out all you folks not in our area that want to try Trackdays
 Let's start with what should be the most frequently asked questions. Safety:
1: There is at least one ambulance with trained crew on stand by
2: There are corners works in most turns with race flags
3: There is a tech you and your motorcycle most pass

a) New or almost new tires
b) No anti freeze you need to replace with water or "water wetter"
c) Proper riding gear. This is not racing but you most wear proper gear, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Riding suit or Leathers or Aerostitch type style.
Small concessions to make for so much fun. ;-)

There are no paid instructors, BUT there ARE volunteers that come out and circumvent the track watching for any problems and WILL be glad to help you if you ask, or they may ride up next to you and offer you the chance to follow them and talk about it when you come in. Most of the events we go to the volunteers have bright orange vests on so you can tell who they are.



This is a photo of Kathy getting ready to go out, can you have TOMUCH FUN?? Ask her



You will meet the nicest people at these events, and make new friends and riding buddies. Kathy is planning the next set with our best friends Chad & Kelly.


Here Kathy is speaking with one of the woman roadracers that's out having a few practice laps and a lot of fun with no pressure of a actual race day.

Kathy is chatting with Greg, this is one of the guys you better stay away from if you got a new Yamaha R1 and think you're a bad ass. ;-) You may very well find yourself looking at the rear end of this single cylinder "Duke".


The cost of our Trackdays with "Club Desmo" Vary depending on the venue. They have special deals you can sign up for and save some money if you do more than one or two events during the year.
Some weekends are two day events which Kathy and I highly recommend! There are motels close by or you can camp out or do like Kathy and I do and bring a motorhome.
Sometimes Kathy and I may even cook a dinner after the first days riding. ;-)

Wanna see some more pictures and trackday stories? go to our "Fun Page"

OK I want to DO IT! Or at least get more information.
Call us at the office 707 433-3727
E-mail us to answer questions or for
"More Info"
Go to our good buddy direct from our
"links page" at the "Club Desmo" Website. (please let Mark Duncan know you saw it here ;-))
Out of our area but would like local info?
"E-mail" us and we will try our best to locate the closed school or Trackday in your area.