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2000 Winter Tour
This is the story of our winter tour. We will show you some neat photos from the shows, introduce you to our friends, other vendors, and show you what fun we have rolling the rig across America in the dead of winter. We did not do all the shows but after the west coast shows this is the way it went .... Cleveland, New York, Chicago, Indianapolis. We will continue the journey next week March 6th, and head to Daytona, then Atlanta. At left is a dinner stop in some cold forbidden place ;-)
This is a rest stop somewhere in PA,
It is winter huh?
This RV camp was RIGHT next to I70, could have been quieter at a truck stop ;-)
This is how we kept the water from freezing light bulb and some large plastic pipe. ;-)
We did not take photos at Cleveland as they would be too redundant.
 Click here to go to New York. This is kind of the inside look from the vendors point of view.
 Click here to go to Chicago. This is the shows from the consumers point of view.
 Click here to go to the dealer show in Indy. This is a dealer only show so visit the inside world of the dealers. ;-)
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