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2000 Winter Tour New York
New York, New York, This was are 6th year here and I thought that I would get shot the first year we were here ;-) I believed every horror story that was told to me. Well guess what, the folks in NY are GREAT we always have a good time here and meet a lot of old and new friends. Kathy and I usually come in a day or two early and catch a Broadway show or visit a museum. This helps us keep our sanity during the winter. ;-)
We actually stay in NJ and take the ferry across to the convention center. Here is our trusty FunMover with the empire state building in the back ground
This was the Hudson river on the way to the center!!! Shoulda heard the ice hitting the bottom of the ferry!!!!
This is the front of the ferry building showing all the vendors hustling to get inside the Canvention center up the block.
The front of the center is just around that corner, Look at the raw dude that rode his CB1000 !!!! It was VERY cold.
 The booth gets kinda crazy at NY. ;-)
 This young man was describing what kind of motorcycle he wants. He was having way to much fun. ;-)
 Here is the gang after a hard days work heading back to the hotel and hopefully a ride and dinner.
 Rob & Leslie from "Sport Touring Accessories". They carry RKA products for us also. see our dealer list
 This was an insiders look ..... go to Chicago to see some cool photos of the show
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