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Forced vacation to the Florida Keys ;-)
This is the story of our forced vacation to the Florida Keys. You see, after Daytona, for the first time in ten years we did not bonsai out of Florida and head home. We still had the Atlanta International Motorcycle Show to do, and we had 4 days to go 500 miles.

So we decided to go south rather than north. Wayne (owner of "MotoPort"), and Boyd (one of his trusted employees), Steve and Candi Sommer (our friends from California), and Kathy and I headed to the Keys. Since the MotoPort rig had to head for Minnesota. Wayne road with Steve and Candi and Boyd carried their bikes in their pickup. Steve carried his new "Grand Canyon" on the back of this motorhome, while Kathy and I had our trusty SV in the Garage of the "FunMover. AND away we went!

All Images are clickable for a larger Photo

We drove to Fiesta Key KOA. Things did not look good from the start. The weather was great everywhere except right where we were ;-)
It was not real funny actually. Steve's brand new motorhome lost it's awning in the nights hi winds and lightning ;-(
 After watching and waiting we decided the rain had past us to the east and started out down to Key West.
 Well guess what it tricked us and came back from behind catching us without all our raingear ;-)
 Once clear of the weather about 10 miles from the KOA we were fine, and arrived at Key West dried out.
 Lunch time
  Lunch time
 The bay behind the restaurant. Just Beautiful.!!
 Three wheeler with outrigger wheels. Strange uh?
 Steve and Wayne
 Walking the streets of Key West
 Scooters, notice no helmets. FLorida allows this on scooters. Not so sure about the rest of their riding gear ;-)
 The Harley Shop
 Key Lime pie brake
Wayne gets jumped by a street person.
The Sunset to die for.

The End. ;-)

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