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2000 Winter Tour Indy
Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome.

This is a happening if there every was one!! The shear size of the thing is overwhelming. There are halls & halls, rooms & rooms of manufacturers and distributors of some of the most normal stuff and some of the strangest stuff you can find. If I would have taken all the photos I wanted to this thing would take three days just to load!! ;-) Well ..... enjoy and get a peak of what it looks like from the inside view. (This show was NOT open to the public.)

Note: All these photos were taken early in the morning before the start of the show.

This is the inside of the RCA Dome, only one of three main areas! Then on top of that booths in every isle and room in the whole convention center!!
Our friends from Actionstations
Bob Smith, Importer of the famous Bimotas from Italy.
 Mike Corbin's new "Merlin". Also a single seater. It will be powered by a two cylinder gas motor.
 Mike always puts on a SPECTACULAR display!
 This is for real!! a street legal bumpercar!!
 Our friends from "Factory" just down the road in Marin county. That's Marc on the right.
 The strangest booth at the show. What were they selling? Sun glasses.
 Indian appears to be back even if they are using S&S parts and selling more clothing than motorcycles ;-)
 This is inside the actual convention center a whole other building ;-)
    This is inside the actual convention center a whole other building ;-)
 This is inside the actual convention center a whole other building ;-)
 This is coool ;-)
 This is coool ;-)
 Another friend ... the best superbike stands in the world!! "Pit Bull"
 Well Well who do we have here? That's right it's RKA the best luggage in the world!
 This is a 3/4 scale roadster powered by a Harley motorcycle motor!!
 Another interesting booth what are these guys selling?? It's the "Scott" glasses goggle company!!!
 Hope you enjoyed our little tour of the 2000 Indianapolis Dealer show. ;-)
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