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To much fun ? ;-)
Would you buy luggage from these two desperadoes? ;-)
Kathy and Richard at Buttonwillow International raceway having tomuchfun ;-) Click on the images.
These links go to some of the fun things that Destination RKA has done in the past. Not every one of the events are listed here but there's enough so you can get the idea of what we are about, Having fun, A helping hand, On the track, Kathy and Richard are motorcyclists through and through.

Fourth Annual Infineon Food Drive 11-22-04
Third Annual Labor Day Weekend Ride 09-03-04 to 09-06-04
SonomaFest 2004 04-16-04 to 04-18-04
Second Annual Labor Day Weekend Ride 08-29-03 to 09-01-03
Salt Point Get away 11-22 to 11-24
First Annual Labor Day Weekend Ride 09-30 to 09-03 2002
2002 Daytona 200 Party 03-10-02
First Annual Sears Point Raceway Food Drive 11-16-01
Trackday at ThunderHill or "Captain Ninja and the attack of the X-Men!" 10-17-00
Our Lost Hills getaway 09-02-00
The old fat boy gets to cocky ;-) 08-05-00 Buttonwillow
RKA's Forced vacation to the Florida Keys ;-) 03-13-00
Winter Tour 2000 . 2000 Winter Tour
Club Desmo day 01-16-00
Trackday at Sears Point!! 11-14-99
Trackday at Laguna Seca!! 11-10-99
I take my Mom for a ride to lunch. 11-3-99
Eureka week end 10-8-99 to 10-10-99
Beemer Bash Beemer Bash.
Jack Daniel ride Labor Day 1999