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Annual Labor Day
"Kurt & Richard's Jack Daniel Ride".

Well this is a hard one to explain ;-) A few years ago Kurt, who was a customer and now a friend and associate, started what we call our "Jack Daniel" ride, It's not as bad as it sounds just a name ok? ;-) This year since this is a personal two person ride Kathy went on her own for the weekend and I took the camera so you all get to enjoy the guy's ride ;-)

Where did we go? See the bottom of this page. ;-)

Click on any photo for a larger image

Kurt's Boss let us park the "FunMover" at his place in "Pioneer" off of Hwy 88 east of "Jackson".
Saloon at St George Hotel after dinner. Is Kurt having TOOMUCHFUN?


We have successfully unloaded the motorcycles and Kurt is happy ;-)
"Suzie & the Guzzi", Hwy 108 at Dardanelle, CA. At this stop I had 117 miles on the odometer and there was one gas pump hidden on the side of this little store. The next gas was over 50 miles!! If you are a TL fan you understand I WAS going to run out of gas before the next stop ;-(
Bob gives us some local road pointers.
Hwy 108 at Dardanelle, CA. The Ducati at the right just appeared with a friend while we were there. Guess what kind of luggage he has? ;-)
Stopping to reinforce the wallet. SportTour on a 1993 Guzzi Daytona, and a 1997 TL1000S? Of cource that's what RKA is about. ;-)
Hwy 108 near Hwy 395 and the Nevada border
1993 Guzzi "Daytona"
After finishing "Monitor Pass" up Hwy 89 we stopped at Markleeville.
Coloma, where the gold rush started.
The Cutthroat Saloon. They had some unusal decore on the ceiling.
Kurt and Sutters Mill.
 Ceiling of Cutthroat Saloon. ;-)
Richard (Mr Happy) and Sutters Mill
Dinner Sunday night at "Bubbles"
Carriage rides on Hwy 49. ;-)
The old bar and friends at "Bubbles".
Prayer break
Monday back home, Kurt, and his front yard with the "Funmover" We road about 600 miles Saturday and Sunday. The Funmover made life a lot easier to get there and get back.
St George Hotel in Volcano, CA.
Leaving no stone unturned, Kurt makes sure the "Jack Daniel's" does not "go off". ;-)
Dinner at the St George Hotel. (That's Kurt using MY reading glasses, YIPES and I rode with him ;-)
If you are in this area, or planning a trip here, and want to know .... where did we go? Give me a call or e-mail me and I will send you a map. We even found some new roads that are GREAT, and some old roads we had forgotten where GREAT. ;-)
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