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First Annual
RKA 2002 Labor Day Weekend

What a GREAT weekend!! RKA will do this again soon!!
We had 25 riders on Sat and 15 riders on Sun.
We road from Red Bluff to Fortuna and back on Sat.
Then on Sunday the ride went from Red Bluff to Lassen Volcanic park and back to
Red Bluff.
We road on some of the best kept secerts in California, Right Gang?!!
Having breakfast, Lunch and Dinner together from Friday night to Monday morning. Everyone meet new friends and riding partners and had a great time! 
My photos are below,
After editing and sizing the rest of the photos I decided to leave out any text.
It is really interesting to see the differnt views from different people of the same thing.
Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words :-)

All Photos on ALL pages are clickable for a larger image

For the rest of the photos:
Charles photos are here: Charle's Photos
Jack's photos are here: Jack's Photos
Gerardo's photos are here: Gerardo's Photos
Harold & Jean's photos are here: Harold's Photos
Friday at the Pool. Getting to know you
Do we want to go riding with this cowboy?

I'll bet he wears his boots to bed, Sara?
Sat morning assembly
Sat morning assembly
Do we want to go riding with this guy?

Note cowboy boots for riding.

From crazy people to tough little girls!!
Wildwood the girls gas up.
Wildwood the girls discuss the F4i
Wildwood, what a beautiful place with great weather for our ride!
The Cunninghams
rest stop
Lunch in Fortuna
Lunch in Fortuna
Jack and the two Ducs.
Sunday at
Sunday at
Sunday at
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