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Sears Point Sunday Trackday Nov 14, 1999

Once again I am short on action photos, but we were busy ;-) This may be the last story for a while ;-( The winter show circuit is growing near. Check out our "Schedule Page".

Personally I think it was one of the most fun weekends all year, for a number of reasons. One we did it with Chad & Kelly, a couple we have known for a while but have never really done anything with. Weeeeeeell we did this Sunday! We have been riding with them a few times and knew they could hang with the racetrack concept. So we invited them to sign up.

Kathy and I meet them at their house at 5:30 am, and they served us coffee bagels and eggs. Then we set off for the track for the 7:00 am setup and 8:00 am riders meeting.

Kelly as been on the track before but her "Bo" Chad has not. Like I said we knew they were competent, but Chad didn't have to be soooooo competent ;-) by the end of the day he was not only able to keep up with this old man but more than likely did not pass me out of respect ;-). What was really fun is Chad and I hung together most of the day and Kathy and Kelly meet up with a couple of women that are roadracers. They had a ball all day discussing lines, passing, and entry/exit speeds!! A great day!!

This event cost $150.00 per person for the day. You may think this is a lot but you get instruction if you ask, there is an ambulance, and corner works. But the very best part is there are no dogs, RV's or double yellow lines!!!! There is no way you can go this fast on the street and if you think you can SLOW DOWN and get a life!!!

This was the FASTEST group of riders I have ever been with other than actually roadracing. When we do a CLASS or Trackday I am usually a slow "A" rider or very fast "B" rider. But "Rob" (who had asked for approx. track times via e-mail) put me in the "C" group with Kathy, Kelly, and Chad. On the warm up lap I knew why!! I was directly behind the instructor when we entered turn one for the warm-up lap, he kept looking back and waving me to get closer, S%#t I was already on his tail!!! By the time we got around 2, 3a, 3b, 4, 5, and down the "Carousal" 6, and straightened out toward turn 7, I had to glance behind me! (Don't do that) there were 5 or 6 bikes in our start group and they were all on my ass including Kathy! And I thought no way anyone could keep this pace on a cold tired warm-up lap!!! So that was my awaking jolt for the day, and became happy I was not in "A" or "B" those guys and gals ALL had bikes with number plates!!! And half of the "C" group did also. We had wound up in a "AFM" practice day!!!!!

NOTE: You will see a couple of photos of a "blue SV650 crashed ;-( this is NOT Kathy's bike. Nor did any one in our group crash or have any problem.

Click on any photo for a larger image

Good morning "Sears Point" Usual overcast morning.
Kathy pushing her SV back from Tech, It's not like "AMA" but you do need to pass an inspection
This is the tech area The guy in the orange is "Gary" one of the fast guys and instructors
This "Peter" one of the fast guys and instructors
This is "Rob" the guy that spend time and effort so we can have fun
The girls are checking out the track which had turn 11 moved to a new location.
The riders meeting
We are set up and ready to have fun. ;-)
Kelly, Chad & Kathy
This is Kathy talking with "Greg" a fast guy, He said he wanted to slow down so he got a "Duke", Suuuuuure have you ever seen a "Duke" PASS an "R1" ;-) shoulda been here ;-)
This is another fast guy, His name is "James Randolph Sr", His son "Jr" is one of the fastest AMA riders in the country. Don't let that thin white hair fool you.... look at that slick on the back ;-)
Discussion. Kathy talks with one of the women racers she was following during the day.
The gang discusses the track layout during a break
I have been trying to drag knee forever! So what happens? Chad touches down his FIRST day on the track!! Geezzzz ;-)
THIS IS NOT Kathy's motorcycle!!

Shit happens Be happy but be careful.

This was a new rider to the track but the accident was NOT his fault.

A number plate (Racer) washed out right in front of him, taking him out also. No one was hurt but the SV650 pretty much looks like toast to me. ;-(

This did give me a fright when I came through 8a and saw an blue SV down!!!

Well I can't say there will not be any more ride stories but looks like we will be getting back to work and ready for the Winter Shows. Check out our "Schedule" come on by and say HI!!

Richard & Kathy

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