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Weekday Trackday Nov 10, 1999

Laguna Seca "Club Desmo" Trackday!! This was a really great experience!! I was excited as was Kathy, we have been coming to Laguna Seca for 15 years but have never had the opportunity to get on the track. I am sorry there are not more photos especially action photos, but I was the camera man and was worrying more about my first ...at speed ... run through the famous Cork Screw!!! We will be doing Sears Point Sunday the 14th of November maybe I can get someone to shoot photos for us at that event so standby for better photography ;-)

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How to get there? We loaded the Funmover Tuesday night.
There is no lift or really any good way to load the bikes yet, so we back the "Mover" up into our slanted driveway and the bikes just roll right in.
We left at 3:11 AM and arrived at the track at 7:00 AM sharp. There were over 80 riders by the time the rider meeting started at 8:30 AM
This is the riders meeting. No one fall please, and no passing on the inside, NEVER no way no how!!!!

read my lips!!

This is Mark the guy that puts in untold hours so we can have fun.

Guys we hope we do not need. Unfortunately we did have two riders taken to the hospital. So remember this is not ALL fun and games. You can get hurt.
This is "Will", "Doctor Duc" the enforcer. Do Not break the rules ... or answer to the Doc!! ;-)
Kathy warming her NEW SV650 up!!
This is Knut. He imports the stuff you see on our motorcycles, Carbo Tech, Remus, and Dye-Mag wheels. In the edge of the photo is Paul he imports the Xena Locks we offer. Work together, play together ;-)
Kathy ... ready to mix it up with the group.
Harry Wong ... volunteer instructor.
Harry giving Kathy early advice
Harry giving later advice
Harry giving later advice.


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