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Weekday Ride Nov 3, 1999

I take my Mom for a ride! Mom is 73 years young, and don't worry she's not going to be mad at me for giving away her age ;-) She's very proud of her age and health. I took her for a ride on her 70th birthday and she loved it so much she asked to go again. Not to sure she will be happy about what we did the next week on the tenth ;-) See the next story for details.

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Here she is getting ready I lend her my Technorally jack and Kathy's extra helmet and a pair of gloves. Ready to go! She's standing next to our managers BMW R850 Roadster. Although we have 5 motorcycles in our stable none are really two up bikes.
Well we went up Calistoga rd and then east on St Helena rd. Right off the bat we get stopped in a slide clean up crew. This is Mom This is me, When it was time to go the car in front of us waved us on, nice. I think the crew was on a break actually. ;-)
This is just North of St Helena toward the north end of Napa Valley This is Calistoga's Main st looking west. We are parked in front of "Cafe Pacfica" a very nice eatery.
This is the fat boy with his mom. My 90 year old Grandmother took this picture! I'm trying to get her on the back of a motorcycle to no avail ;-)
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