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ThunderHill Trackday

Or, Capt Ninja and the Attack of the X-Men! Could possibly be the best, most fun trackday we have had, for a couple of reasons.

This Trackday day was put on by Brian from "Cycle Pro" (our local motorcycle accessory store) and Paul.

First reason for a really great day was the day was limited to about 40 riders, making the track about as clear as you can get. Secondly, the riders all seemed to be in control and there were only two small get offs. And Third we meet some old friends we have not seen in a while and we meet some new friends, and had a GREAT day! One session in particular I captured on video!
Click on any photo for a larger image

Attack of the X-men video clips.
What happens when you get a crazy old man on a 250 Ninja racebike with an on board camera, 2 street riding friends on a R1 and 748. Then add in two "never before on the track" riders with big yellow X's on their back on a 1200 Bandit and a VTR?
Well of course! Captain Ninja and the attack of the X-Men!! ;-)
Click on the video images to load them.

These are NOT for the bandwidth impaired ;-)

ideo Clip 1, 8.0 meg is the longest, I wanted to show the closing speed of a small light motorcycle like the 250 Ninja, when entering a corner.
NOTE: The first four images are video clips. If you click on them they will load. Depending on your computer and ISP they will take some time.
Click on any of the other photos for a larger image
Clip 2 about 3.2 meg This is the Ninjette going around an R1.

Can a 250 Ninja out run a R1, 748, 1200 Bandit and a VTR1000? No, not really, So what's going on here?
 Clip 3 about 1.7meg
Number one we are on a race track where the little Ninjette has at a GREAT advantage.

This is the X-Men passing the Ninjette into turn one, close to 100 mph ;-)
Clip 4 about 4.2 meg
Number two although very fast street riders the other riders have never raced before, or been on a track.

This is the Ninjette failing to pass them back into turn two.

Clip 5 about 4.0 meg
Number three The race track really equalizes.
All that horse power sometimes does not matter. ;-)

This is the Ninjette getting a little revenge on a Ducati 748 and an Honda RC51

 It's all about corner speed and knowing the track. During this particular session we completed 7 laps covering about 22 miles in about 17 minutes. When we came off the track the Ninjette was right there ;-) Nobody is saying they are
Kenny Roberts Jr ;-)
We just want to show you the good time we had.
The other riders where doing a GREAT job having never been on a racetrack before!!!, and I AM proud of my little Ninjette, It ROCKS!!
Well here is the RKA trackday junkies, all setup and ready to go!
Look at this!! The pit is empty! Why? Because the day was limited to only about 40 riders!!
Paul, the guy that got it together.
Brian, (CyclePro of Santa Rosa) the other guy that got it together.
Knut from MaxMoto, our friend and another trackday junkie.
Michael, our long lost buddy!
George (BC*) with his 250 Ninja. My new competition for next year.

*Before Crash

George's 250 Ninja, (AC*) After a little run in with the Cyclone!!

See the RKA racepage for photos of ThunderHill and the CYCLONE!
Click here

*After Crash

George (AC*) What happened? George decided that flying over the Cyclone was better than going over it the normal way ;-) Doesn't work that way George ;-)

*After Crash

The Group.
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