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Lost Hills getaway
Sept 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2000

Great photos of our Duel purpose (kept them on the pavement) ride into the Sequoia National Forest Area out of Porterville, There are great photos of Lost Hills KOA Latitude nowhere Longitude nowhere ;-)

We ended the weekend Monday by doing a Trackday at Buttonwillow, no stills just Video ;-)

AND photos of the first major BLOWOUT of a tire on our "FunMover" I have had in 35 years of driving!! Yup it was a Firestone and although not a recall number it WAS manufactured in the SAME plant as the recall tires!!!

Click on any photo for a larger image

Lost Hills, CA. KOA
Hwy 190 east of Porterville
Hwy 190 east of Porterville
Hwy 190 east of Porterville
Hwy 190 east of Porterville
Western Divide Hwy east of Porterville
Western Divide Hwy of Porterville
Western Divide Hwy of Porterville
 Fountion Springs South of Porterville The wide spot in the road ;-)
 Kernville for lunch. This is "Cheryl's" a nice lunch stop.
   Communications were nice. We used our "Chatterboxes" and had music piped in from our Walkmans" throught the audio plug.  
  The communications for the DR650 was a little challange but if you want something you can usually figure it out. ;-)
 Lake Isabella as seen from Bodfish Rd.
 This is Breckenridge rd
This is Breckenridge rd Also
This is Breckenridge rd again
This is Breckenridge rd .... and again ;-) Howabout that!!!!
After two days of riding from morning tell dark we were BEAT! But we saved a little for Monday and had another great day at Trackday in Buttonwillow raceway. (see one of the other fun pages for info on this) Monday evening we had dinner at Harris Ranch and headed on home about 12:30 AM. About thirty miles up I5 ... BAM!! A loud explosion!! Kathy was asleep right above the right rear axle when it went!! To say the least it woke her up ;-)
   When this rig is rolling with trailer in tow it's 53 feet long an weighs in at about 25,000 pounds! It was a hand full to get stopped!!    We managed to get it to an off ramp. Thank GOD for AAA !! That saved us MUCH trouble. You can see the tread separated from the cord!
Not only that but the tire actually exploded .... look close at the carcass!!
It was almost 4:00 AM before things got back to normal, so we decided to just go to sleep and start over in the morning. Well this is what NOWHERE looks like . ;-)
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