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Buttonwillow Saturday and Sunday Trackday
Aug 5th & 6th, 2000
The old fatboy gets to cocky ;-)

Once again I am short on action photos, but we were busy ;-) We did a lot of on board video during the weekend. The battery went south on one session, the one I crashed the ninjette in ;-( Yup The old fat boy got cocky and layed her down in the Mazda turn. The far north end of the track.
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This is Terry, a customer we talked into doing trackday. He is hooked now. ;-) His first comment was "I need a cigerette" ;-) This is the track layout. Fast, open and nothing to stop you if you leave the pavement.
Eric Bostrom was there getting track time. what a rush ;-) Eric saying a few words at the riders meeting.
This is our rear facing on board camera. Want one? Click here, Helmetcamera. then click here RamMount, for more info.
This is the location of the actual digital video camera. We put it in a tankbag.
We hauled a freind down plus all our "Stuff", so we took the whole enchilada down. ;-) OPPS! I had a little incident ;-) Trying to pass on the outside of the Mazda hair pin.
I got leaned over just a little to much Down I went !! :-)
Leathers did their job!
This is were it started. Slid about 50 feet or so. But got the bike pushed back to the pits, with just a broken handlebar. This is the spot, forground is my stopping point
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