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Sunday Jan 16, Monday 17, 2000

Club Desmo Trackday Laguna Seca

;-( Things started out great and went down hill from there. We have some GREAT on board video from Sunday the 16th ... hopefully I will have some video files on the video page sometime this year. ;-) I Was concentrating on video so I did not take any photos until the day started going sour. Sunday the 16th was to be a rainy day and we thought we would have to set it out and ride Monday. Well it turned out Sunday was great and we got rained out Monday ;-(.

Things were going pretty well until Knut, Owner of Maxmoto, the importer of Carbo Tech, Remus pipes and a few other goodies decided to trash his $40,000 916 in turn five!! The Carbo Tech carbon fiber frame alone is worth $16,000 ;-(
He rsode the bike back in with a lost foot peg and bend clutch lever.
Kathy consoles Knut, who is still able to crack a smile
This is turn five, you can see the nice muddy area were bike and rider touched down.
This is Sunday night after almost a full day of track time thinking Monday would be even better.
Well the weather folks were totally off base it started raining about 7:00 am and didn't stop.
At about 10:30 Laguna Seca officials deemed the track unsafe for the rest of the day. So we had to pack up and head home.
Ooooooooh well .... we had one great day, and no one got hurt thank God. Now we have to get ready to head on out for the winter tour schedule. Be sure and stop by the booth and say hi!!

Richard & Kathy

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