RKA manufactures motorcycle luggage, for excercise and fun we also ride bicycles.
So lets get the spam out of the way now ......
We personally use and offer TWO brands of cameras for sale the Liquid Image EGO and the DRIFT. NUF SAID.

We started videoing every bicycle ride for safety reasons and documentation. After some bad encounters we have decided to create this video page for bicyclists to post their bicycle videos of their daily commute or just a fun ride with friends and what they encounter during these rides. Be it automobiles, people, dogs or other animals that are interacted with during a bicycle ride.

We would like to share with others, bicyclists and non-bicyclists so everyone can see what is likely to happen out on the road every day.

If you would like to post a video here just give us a call.

Rules of engagement.
You need to provide us with some basic information
to be able to post a video here.
Permission to post your video
First Name.
Date of video
Location of video

In addition If you want to add…
Description of video
License plate numbers
Any information you would like to include.

Video Name The Sheep and the Finger
My Name Richard Battles / Andy
Date of video September 2012
Location Coleman Valley Ride
Description Trying to warn a motorist about sheep on the road.
License Plate
Other Infor

Video Name Eastside Dummy
My Name Richard Battles / Kathy Storin
Date of video February 26 20013
Location Eastside Road
Description Close pass crazy driver
License Plate CA 5GCG397
Other Infor

Video Name Who Stopped?
My Name Richard Battles
Date of video March 12 20013
Location Eastside Road
Description Three Stop Sign runners in a ROW!
License Plate
Other Infor
Video Name Skylane Close Pass 031413
My Name Richard Battles / Kathy Storin
Date of video March 14 20013
Location Skylane
Description Attempted Murder!!!
This video is of TWO bicycles riding in single file at 18mph
License Plate 5CLW052
Other Infor

Video Name Stop Sign Runner
My Name Richard Battles / Kathy Storin
Date of video
Location Windsor Town Green
Description This person ran a stop sign at speed and almost hit Kathy
License Plate 5WBJ468
Other Infor
Video here
Video Name
My Name
Date of video
License Plate
Other Infor

Just For Fun Bicycle Videos


It was a dark and stormy morning

Tour De Atsi and one bad little girl

Tandem Tantrum

The Roller
Switchbacks on Hwy 1


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