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The Interphone F5 from Cellular Line is the first Bluetooth Intercom to be released with advanced intercom features. Up to 6 F5's can be connected to extend intercom range to up to a mile. The frustration of hearing mysterious beep tones has been eliminated with the Text to Speech (TTS) feature of the F5. TTS gives audible voice indications when the intercom connects, disconnects, music plays or pauses, and when a phone call is incoming. The F5 TTS feature will also tell you who is calling so you can avoid answering the call if desired. Bluetooth 3.0 technology gives the F5 the longest battery life of any Bluetooth intercom to date.

The F5 features a host of audio options. The hi-fi stereo speakers provide great sound quality for music and intercom. Each F5 kit includes a 3.5mm audio cable for connection to non-Bluetooth audio devices. A2DP stereo Bluetooth allows high quality music streams from your stereo Bluetooth device to the F5. The remote control profile allows you to control playback remotely from the F5 (with notifications from the headset TTS system). Music functionality if further expanded with the F5's built in FM radio. Also an industry first is the forthcoming handlebar remote which will allow control of the headset without ever having to take hands off the handlebars.

The F5 features the most advanced phone options available. Incoming and outgoing calls can be controlled by voice, incoming calls are also announced as the F5 can read caller information, so there are no surprises when you answer. Multipoint technology also allows two phones to be connected simultaneously (if you have a business and personal line). Advanced DSP algorithms make calls at freeway speeds sound as good as calls made in the living room.

Single Headset
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Twin Pak
MSRP $499.99
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Handle bars Remote control

To provide maximum riding safety, the Interphone REMOTECONTROLF has an innovative Bluetooth® remote control that mounts easily on handlebars with a diameter of 20 to 32 mm. One of the main concerns with Bluetooth helmet headsets has been operational safety while riding, Interphone has successfully addressed these concerns.

With a convenient joystick, you can easily access all Interphone F5 functions in complete safety, without taking your hands off the handlebars. The Interphone handlebar remote transforms any motorcycle to a completely wireless audio and communication powerhouse.

Using only a single control, the many functions offered by the Interphone F5 can be enjoyed very easily and without taking your eyes off the road, thanks also to the voice wizard (TTS) on the Interphone F5.

The REMOTECONTROLF is covered with an innovative soft-touch film. The joystick is easy to use, even with gloves on. Tamper-proof mounting screws make the REMOTECONTROLF easy to install and difficult for thieves to remove.

This small powerhouse of technology, safety and functionality detects when the motorcycle is in motion to turn on and off, thus saving battery life. The REMOTECONTROLF is compatible with the Interphone F5, only.


Interphone iPhone 4/4

Iphone 4/4S Mount Kit for Tubular Handlebars
Waterproof iPhone holder for motorcycles and bicycles.
A very sturdy external housing and a knock-proof internal rubber shell provide your device with total protection.

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