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Solo Rider

Extra Options
Motorcycle Helmet Headset

Motorcycle Helmet Microphone Open Face

Two up

Extra Options
Motorcycle Helmet Microphone Full Face

Seperate PTT Button (external “push-to-talk”)
Professional Design

The MotoChello system was designed by a multi-patented engineer with an extensive background in theater and home audio systems and knowledge of cycle touring and its nuances (he is a rider, himself). Frustrated by available systems, he decided to put his expertise to work and develop the system he wanted for himself.

The result is clearly different. The unit design, installation and controls are well thought out and offer riders premium features that make travel more enjoyable.

MotoChello incorporates custom helmet headsets and microphones to further enhance a dynamic music quality you won't hear with other cycle audio systems. You can adjust the music volume while talking and have it lower as much, or as little, as you choose. You have separate volume controls for incoming and outgoing communications of your 2-way radio.

Voice activated directional microphones with unique filtering let you have conversations with your passenger while talking simultaneously and converse with other riders (they will hear your voice, not your music). You can hear to your GPS instructions while listening to music or talking on your blue tooth phone, or hear your radar detector, if connected to the MC-100 system.

Navigating through the operational controls is simple and consistent. Your MotoChello system is operated by using the touch screen display that has been adjusted to allow for gloved hands, or with the illuminated button panel to the left of the screen. Control the most used functions from the main screen. Change volume, listening devices, screen brightness, mute and more instantly.

Have it your way...

With the MotoChello system there are plenty of options to make your audio and communications sound and operate just the way to want.

Personalize the system with a choice of screen colors and brightness levels, and select the icons you want to use for your devices.

Make adjustments to bass and treble, volume fade levels, etc. and save the settings as your personal defaults. Then restore to them (or factory settings) at any time you like.

Superior Sound Quality Music

The MotoChello system is wired in order to produce the best quality music and uninterrupted communications. This also avoids the potential safety issues of batteries and RF signals next to your head.

Once you hear the true, high fidelity sound from the MC-100 system, we know you'll agree.

The system also excels at filtering distracting noises while giving you the best of what you want to hear. The communication and music channels are separate and clear in most conditions, a difference you will notice immediately.

 True high-fidelity sound for great quality music
 Integrate your audio devices into one comprehensive system (Includes audio cables to connect three devices simultaneously)
 FM/Weather Band radio with preset and search
 Quickly change music sources
 Ability to standardize volume output of your audio devices so they will change equally when you adjust the master volume level
 Equalizer functions adjusts bass and treble
 Loudness function boosts sound quality when playing music at lower volume levels
 Simulated 3D Sound functions with a choice of levels for dynamic music
 Balance adjustments for left/right headset speakers
 Fade function to adjust different volume levels for Rider and Passenger
 One button Music mute/unmute capability for headsets
 Custom headsets take full advantage of music handling capabilities

Superior Sound Quality Headsets

With a MotoChello MC-100 system, you can have normal conversations with passengers and other riders without the usual distracting or irritating noise of most systems. It can help turn an ordinary ride into a pleasant adventure with friends.

With convenient screen operation you can quickly change music volume, turn headset music on/off or mute one or both microphones, if desired, and turn them back on at any time.

If your passenger likes a different volume than you, adjust the fade balance (front/back volume) to suit you both. You can adjust the amount music lowers, and for how long, when having conversations. Have a normal conversation (and even talk at the same time) even at highway speeds.

Intercom is always available, even when the music

 Cell phone use through the system with a Garmin® GPS with Bluetooth functions
 Superior sound filtering firmware to greatly reduce wind and other distracting noises
 Full duplex system - only the microphone of the person speaking is activated (no “cutting out”)
 Rider and passenger can have normal conversations -both can speak at the same time at normal voice levels
 Adjustable sensitivity of microphones
 Music lowers as much as you specify when speaking
 Intercom always available, even when music is muted
 Specify the amount of time before music volume returns after you've finished speaking from 1 to 6 seconds
 Mute/Unmute capability for one or both microphones
 Dedicated port for an FRS radio
 Cables included for Midland®, Cobra® and Motorola® FRS radios
 Unique communication handling so other riders hear your voice, but not your music

Ease of Use

The MotoChello MC-100 is a comprehensive system that lets you integrate your devices into a single control unit, similar to your surround sound stereo at home, where you connect your TV, DVD, etc. The system controls music handling and communications for consistently superior results.

Even with the myriad of functions the MC-100 has to offer it is surprisingly easy to operate. Everyone has a different idea of how music sounds best - and now you can have a stereo on your motorcycle or ATV that also lets you define how it looks, sounds and operates.

Once you have adjusted the system to your preferences you can save them as your own. With so many choices, it’s tempting sometimes to get carried away and forget where you where. If that happens, just restore to your previously saved settings. It’s as easy as that.

 Simple touch screen or button panel operation
 Save your settings and restore to them (or to factory defaults) at any time
 Battery charging system performance monitor
 Touch screen calibrated for gloved hands and can be re-calibrated, if needed
 Choice of display color schemes
 Adjustable screen brightness for changing light conditions
 Select screen icons for your connected devices
 Wired system avoids battery and RF concerns and provides incredible music and uninterrupted communication
 Can be connected to accessory power for convenience or operated manually
 Custom Headsets, Microphones and PTT buttons available separately for additional helmets

Included with the MC-100
Two Up System

Audio controller unit that mounts on cycle
Touch screen Display unit with button panel that mounts on handlebars for operation
2 sets of custom, premium helmet headsets
2 voice activated microphones
Additional PTT button for external use
3 audio cables to connect devices
3 FRS cables (for Cobra®, Midland® and Motorola®)
Mount for display unit *
All necessary cables for installation and operation
1 year warranty
30 day money-back guarantee

This system is fantastically designed!
Display will mount on your handlebars
Audio Controller under the seat.
RKA has taken it a step further and mounted EVERYTHING
inside our GENIV IN-Charge Tankbag.
See the application photos below
However you choice to install it,
it works GREAT!

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