SMH20S Features


bluetooth_circleBluetooth 4.0 and Sena’s Unique Architecture

The 20S features a unique architecture that utilizes the industry’s first dual-module Bluetooth communication system as well as the industry’s first Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The dual Bluetooth module allows for increased flexibility of functions, performance, and reliability. With the dual Bluetooth system, the features of the 20S can operate at higher capacity and a faster rate of performance. Users can take advantage of simultaneous communication by running multiple applications (music, GPS, mobile phone, intercom) and seamlessly switching back and forth as needed. With the combination of the dual module Bluetooth system and Bluetooth 4.0, the 20S is the most advanced Bluetooth communication device in the market.

Audio_MultitaskingAudio MultitaskingTM

One key feature new for the 20S is the audio multitasking feature. The audio multitasking feature allows the audio alternate between music, intercom, FM radio, and phone and seamlessly intermix and overlap for incoming and outgoing audio. The audio multitasking is a new feature that replaces the previous interruption based audio functions of past Bluetooth communication devices. The new audio multitasking function creates the most close-to-natural audio sound while running multiple audio functions simultaneously and intelligently.

Bluetooth Audio Recording™

With the use of Sena’s Bluetooth headsets, the PRISM and Bluetooth Audio Pack allows users to add their voice to the video on-the-fly using the Bluetooth Audio Recording feature. Allowing users to narrate the video simultaneously with recording not only provides users a whole new experience but also reduces the need for follow-up audio editing providing real-time audio experiences. Along with single voice recording, users can also offer multiple individuals the ability to include their voice commentary on one centrally located camera with the intercom feature.


One of the most technologically advanced features Sena Bluetooth offers its users is a bike-to-bike conference intercom system with HD quality voice allowing for more than five companions. With a distance up to 2.4 km or 1.5 miles, the system is the most reliable and versatile intercom motorcycle system. An additional feature that makes the intercom function a standout is intercom group management which enables users to manage intercom participants by group. The intercom is also made to be “universal” allowing it to function seamless with Sena Bluetooth communication devices as well as Bluetooth communication headsets in the market.

Speakers-2HD Quality Audio

The 20S audio system is redesigned for high-definition (HD) quality audio that provides crystal clear, natural sound quality, and is integrated with an audio booster providing sufficient sound level for noisy environments. Users can enjoy a clear and loud level of audio with audio boosting and improved base sound in music listening as well as intercom.

New User Interface

The 20S has integrated the new features that enable users quicker and easier accessibility while using the unit. Intuitive voice commands have been built into the 20S to ensure riders can maintain handsfree control while riding. The voice commands allow riders to operate functions such as intercom connections, mobile phone calls, music playback control and more without needing to take their hands off of the handle bars.

Another key feature allowing for quicker and easier accessibility is the new interface based on motion sensor technology for easy set-up and pairing. The motion sensor feature allows the pairing of Bluetooth devices with a simple shake of the units. The new feature allows users to spend less time setting up and pairing units and more time enjoying their ride. The motion sensor feature is also firmware upgradeable to allow for additional yet to be released features.

Smartphone App

The Sena Smartphone App is available for users to download on both iPhone and Android smartphones to allow users to adjust the settings of their 20S. The Smartphone App offers full control of all device functions including basic configuration settings, speed dials, and FM radio preset stations. Utilizing the Smartphone App users can reference their Quick Start Guide as well as stay up to date on firmware updates to keep their 20S running at peak performance. The Smartphone App also allows users to manage and create Group Intercom connections. Using the app to scan other nearby 20S devices, a group can be created and saved. By simply pairing a phone with the users 20S headset, they can use the Sena Smartphone App to configure their 20S’ settings directly from their smartphone for quick and easier set up and management.


Slimmer Body

One key design element of the 20S is its precision crafted unit developed with an aerodynamic design for a slim body that maintains the jog dial exclusive to Sena Bluetooth products. The new design keeps with the existing and evolving excellence of the Sena products. The jog dial allows users to easily control volume and provides a simple push button with the ability to access all functions of the device. The 20S provides users with the slim and sleek design that is perfect for riding while still allowing for easy and quick functionality.

Group Intercom™

New to the 20S, the Group Intercom feature will allow users to instantly create a multi-way intercom with up to seven additional participants. Utilizing the Smartphone App, users can easily create and manage their Group Intercom to allow for a quicker and simpler set up process.

Quicker Pairing

The 20S adopted the NFC (Near Field Communication) engine for intelligent communication. It allows users an instant setup process by dramatically decreasing the pairing time required for the phone and intercom. The 20S is designed to allow riders to spend more time on the road and less time setting up.

Advanced Noise ControlTM

Along with the HD quality audio the 20S comes equipped with Advanced Noise ControlTM technology, a new feature to the Sena Bluetooth product line up. The noise control technology efficiently suppresses the wind noise from motorcycle riding without distorting original voice during intercom conversation. The Advanced Noise ControlTM helps to reduce audio interruptions such as wind and outside elements from the environment.

Designed for Riding

The 20S has been specially decided to meet the needs of riders and encompasses all the features they are looking for while on the road. The 20S is developed with an all-in one clamp that allows for versatile helmet mounting systems for more flexible and easy to switch capabilities.

The 20S also features a dual microphone one inside the helmet for intercom function and the other on the clamp for listening to environmental sound without taking off the helmet. The dual microphone expands the use for the rider and continues to enhance their experience.


The Most Interoperable Communication System

Due to Sena’s expertise in the Bluetooth technology industry, Sena has developed units that are highly compatible with other Bluetooth devices in the market, including smartphones, MP3 players, GPS, as well as additional Bluetooth communication systems using Universal IntercomTM. Providing units with the ability to easily pair and function seamlessly with other Bluetooth devices expands the users experience and reduces any limitations due to technological complications.

Firmware Upgradeable

All Sena products are firmware upgradeable and it allows Sena’s headsets to always operate at their peak and have the most up-to-date functionality and options for rapid technological advancements in smartphone and Bluetooth devices. The firmware upgrades are available for free when available to all registered Sena customers.

And more

The 20S is designed to be fully compatible with other Sena Bluetooth products including Motorcycle Bluetooth and Bluetooth audio adapters. The 20S is also equipped with the same remote control capability of the Sena Bluetooth Action Camera.

A key element of Sena is their continuous commitment to their customers through a full two year warranty and customer support services.9