HS-BLU277EDR-UN $299.99 MSRP
NEW $299.99 $100.00
DEMO ........... $ 75.00
EDR Bluetooth Clamp-on Headset for most
OF/FL/FF Style Helmets

HS-BLU277EDRI-N102 $439.99 MSRP
With USED Nolan 102 MED, Burgandy helmet $250.00
Integrated Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Nolan
N-102 N-Com Helmet
This offer INCLUDES the Bluetooth headsets AND the Used Nolan 102 helmet for $150.00!

JBLU-AC02 $44.99
NEW $25.00
1,050 MAH Lithium Ion Battery Upgrade for
HS-BLU277 Clamp-on Style Helmet Headset

JBLU-AC05 $59.99
NEW $25.00 / DEMO $15.00
Ear canal Speaker Adapter Cable for
HS-Blu277EDR-FF/OF/FL/UN Headsets

JBLU-AC03 $29.99
1 NEW $15.00
12v Charger/Adapter for HS-BLU277 Clamp-on Style Helmet Headset

JBLU-DNG02 $69.99
NEW $30.00
A2DP Bluetooth® Stereo Dongle for Universal Stereo Headset Jack

JBLU-BHDG08 $599.99
DEMO $100.00
Blu<>Hub® Dongle08 w/JMAHP Software Profile
& Dual External Antennas

RABH-UN15 $299.99
DEMO $50.00
Stereo/FRS/Cell/Zumo/Radar Adapter Harness for Blu<>Hub® Dongle08

DEMO $100.00
DEMO $100.00
Same as at left except not on board display

JMCB-2003-SL $339.99 Plus BLU-HUB-DNG05
The whole kit and kabuttal.
USED $300.00

DNG08 same has above left
Random partsDNG06 / CA04 /
Make offer


JCB03-CFRG-D $369.99
1 DEMOS $50.00
Intergrate Zumo, Motorola, Radar, With JMCB2003

HC-PBT $24.99
1 DEMO $10.00
Lower Section 8-Pin Cord/Passenger-To-Driver’s JM Bluetooth® Clamp-on Headset

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No Photo

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JMCB-2003B-BW $549.99
NEW $300.00
JMCB-2003 Kit for BMW LT/RT/GT/GS/CL
Harley 1" Handlebars
NEW $25.00

JCB03-HBK30 $59.99
NEW $25.00
JMCB-2003-BW Mounting Bracket Kit for BMW GT/GTS           
JCB03-HBK31 $59.99
NEW $25.00
JMCB-2003-BW Mounting Bracket Kit for BMW RT         

JCB03-HBK06 $39.99
NEW $25.00
JMCB-2003 Mounting Bracket Kit (only) for
Yamaha FJR-1300
JCB03-HBK02P $39.99
NEW $25.00
JMCB-2003 Polished Mount Bracket kit (only) for Harley w/1" or 1 ¼” Handlebars

LPCBA-100 $89.99
NEW $50.00
License Plate Mount CB Antenna Kit with 1’Staff
CFRG-D-CA04 $109.99
NEW $50.00
Zumo550(ONLY)/Motorola T-series FRS Adapt Harness for JCB03-CFRG-D

CFRG-D-CA06 $109.99
NEW $50.00
JCB03-CFRG-D Terminal Adapter Harness for Garmin Zumo660 & Motorola T series FRS Portables
CFRG-PP85 $49.99
NEW $25.00
J&M CFRG/Bluetooth Dongle Radar Detector Harness Adapter Passport 8500

J&M CFRG/Bluetooth Dongle Radar Detector Harness Adapter
for the Adaptiv TPX
MA-967 $199.99
NEW $100.00
Stereo Headset Amplifier w/Mike return & Radar Audio Interrupt

HS-ICD279-VS3-HO $179.99
NEW $75.00
Performance Series Custom Integrated Headset for
Vega Summit 3.0
One set of Speaker pouches NEW in the box
NEW $10.00

HS-ICD284-HHU $199.99
DEMO with helmet $150.00
Performance Series Integrated Slide-in Shorty-style Helmet Headset

One set in the box
NEW $100.00

P Series Lower Cords
HC-PJM $29.99
NEW $20.00
P-Series Lower-section 8-pin Cord 1999-2009 J&M Corp® & BMW® 6-pin systems.
HC-PBV $89.99
NEW $50.00
P-Series Lower 8-pin cord W/Volume Control for 1980-2010 Honda® and J&M® 5-pin audio systems

HC-PHD $29.99
NEW $20.00
P-Series Lower-section 8-pin Cord for 1998-2010 Harley®
7-pin audio systems
HC-ZAL Pig Tail connector
NEW $20.00

Z Series Lower Cords
HC-ZJM $79.99
NEW $50.00
Z-Series Lower-section 8-pin Cord 1999-2010 J&M Corp® & BMW® 6-pin systems
HC-ZJM-S $109.99
2 NEW $50.00
Z-Series Lower-section 8-pin cord w/Ear-speaker Jack for ‘99-‘10 J&M® & BMW® 6-pin systems

All J&M sales are FINAL