303 Fabric Guard

Better than any other product of this kind. Read on for more information
The only one with a UV protectant. $13.00 per can. Which is enough to last through several washings and re-treating

Powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest environment ...outdoors. Yet 303 High Tech

Fabric Guard is safe for the finest fabrics, wool, silk, and fine leathers - including suede.

On outdoor fabrics, 303 High Tech Fabric Guard restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels. 303 High Tech Fabric Guard resists soiling, impedes mildew formation and helps protect against the sun's harmful UV rays.

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest environment
... outdoors ... Yet safe enough for the finest fabrics.

Proper maintenance with 303 Products will add to the life of your fabrics, save you money, and ... It's Easy !

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is recommended by and for:

Sunbrella®/ Glen, Raven Mills, Inc.

Protects Against:
Dirt - Grease - Water - and Oil Based Stains
For Up to 3 Years

303 Protectant


303 contains no harmful silicone or other oils, petroleum distillates, plasticizers, acohols or solvents.
303 is not greasy or oily and repels dirt, mud and insects.
Excellent for windshileds, helmets and visors
303 is THE WORLD'S BEST UV surface Protectant!303 is NOT LIKE ANYTHING you've ever seen! 303 is THE LEADER in UV screening technology and provides maximum UV protection. Regular use of 303 Protectant can reduce UV caused slow-fade by up to 100%. For rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, plastics, and leather.
Vinyl & Leather: Spray on wipe off completely dry with clean absorbent cloth. Restores and maintains a like-new appearance, texture and color. Repels dust dirt, sweat/body oils/lotions, ink marks and stains. For maximum UV protection, reapply every 3-5 weeks.
Exterior: For Plastic bumpers, fender flares, trim and lenses, car bras, tonneau covers, vinyl soft tops and plastic windows. Polish chrome and alloy wheels with 303 to repeal brake dust. Spray on wipe completly dry. 100% safe for all wheel finishes.
Rubber: 303 won't wash off and lasts 4-10 times longer than other "tire care" products. Regular use prevents ozone and UV caused drying. Tires look like new. Spray on liberally. Wiat 5 min. & wipe dry. For synthetic and natural rubbers: EPDM , RV rubber roofing, neoprene, latex, all seals & weather stripping, CV boots, hoses and all infaltable boats.
Fiberglass: Restores like-new color and gloss to faded colored gelcoat fiberglass... RV's, boats, truck caps. Never wax again! Out of direct sunlight, wet surface throughly with 303, rub in if necesary. Immediately wipe completely dry.
Household: 303 is the best protection for plastic patio furniture, vinyl spa covers, pool covers and liners and finished wood. 303 is the worlds most powerful UV screening protective product.

15oz Trigger Spray $ 13.00 ...

16oz with trigger sprayer $13.00 ...

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