Pacific Coast Tankbag Instruction Sheet
 All these nice photos were provided by "Bonnie and Doug". They purchased TWO tankbags from us for their TWO PC's. ;-). I will post their e-mail address as soon as I get permission from them, so you can ask questions and get a second opinion. ;-)

Check for all the parts:
Three straps 33 inches long with a quick release buckle
One cross over strap (Pacific Coast owners do not need this item)


This is really really easy, so just set back and read on!

This photo is the before you start photo.


Just pop out the Grey inserts.
Grey inserts popped out.
Loop webbing around tubing under side panels on the right side as shown at right.
Loop webbing around tubing under side panels on the left side as shown at left.
Webbing looped ----- "D" rings tightened.


Webbing in photo is shown with webbing pulled back to the side for better photo shoot. Webbing will lay like next photo.

Lay webbing onto tank and replace insert. On both the left and right sides. As shown.
For the back strap under the seat you need to open your trunk.
Remove the two bolts from the seat.
Slide seat back and loop webbing around curved bar under seat, replace seat. This is a little tricky to do, if you can't do this drill you may have to remove the seat completely to complete this task.
Finished job.
When not using the bag, the buckle and webbing can be stored under the gas cap door.

Enjoy and have fun.

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