Special Attachment Applications
36Liter Carryall & XRS style Rearseat Bag Instruction Sheet
These are for bags manufactured before 2007
"The Concept"

Our standard attachment system is designed to attach to the "seat lip" not on the bodywork. . Because you have a Corbin seat with no lip or for some reason you think the standard system will not work for you, This section is for you. One way or another this piece of luggage will fit on your motorcycle. We can do It!

Note: The GSXR seat IS large enough to accept the standard attachment application. We are using it because the bottom is white and easier to photograph.

For this session we are using the "22 liter XRS", the "Carryall", attaches exactly the same way as the bottom of both bags are the same. The special attachment kit is free to all RKA "Carryall or XRS" owners. Just call us if you want one for your RKA Rearseat bag. The parts consist of 2 pieces of "loop" (Velcro type material) with adhesive backing. and two pieces of very long webbing with "Hook" (Velcro type material) sewn on the center
Click on any of the photos for a larger image.
Basically is what we are doing here is simply tying the bag down TO the seat, but securing the tie down points so they stay put.

Start my finding a spot on the bottom of your seat to attach the "Loop", preferably about 6" apart is best. Once you have found the best spot remove the backing and attach the two pieces of "loop" to the bottom of your seat. Some seats do not want to accept the adhesive, so you may want to sand down the spot a little where the piece will go. (Photo at right)

Center the webbing straps ... then attach the "Hook" of the long pieces of webbing to the "Loop" on the bottom of the seat pressing it down snug. (Photo at left)

Replace seat leaving the webbing hanging down on the left and right. Now you can clearly see that the webbings will NOT move or fall out of their location. (Photo at right)

Preparing the bag to accept the new strap arrangement. We are going to remove the rubber coated hooks by unstringing them from the webbing on the bottom of the bag (Photo at left)


The hooks are removed, webbing completely unstrung from buckles. You can see the four now unused hooks sitting on the bag, save them you may need to change back with another motorcycle someday. (Photo at right)

Webbing is now folded up neatly and then wrapped with a rubber band for later use on another motorcycle someday. (Photo at left)

Slide the neatly folded webbing into the slots on the bottom of the bag leaving only the buckles showing. (Photo at right)


Now string the webbing through the two buckles on the right side leaving them loose for now.

String the webbing through the two buckles on the left side (This is easy because you have left the right side loose ;-)) Now snug all four sides down. Photo at left shows the bag ready to have the left buckles tighten down and finished.


This is the finished special attachment system. Note the left over straps have been tucked in under the seat before replacement on this TL1000 seat, Or you can cut the webbing and burn the end with a match. (Make sure you do not cut the webbing TO short.) With this system there is absolutely no way the bag can come off the motorcycle! Once you have done this a few times it will take 30 seconds longer to put the bag on or remove it, and you will have complete confidence in the security.


This photo is the bottom of our TL1000 seat with the bag attached and ready to be replaced on the bike.


This is an another alternative method. There are combinations of things you can do. If the seat is wide enough in the front but not in the back you can use the standard system with the hooks on the wide part of the seat. Then use the special straps for the back.

In this photo we have decided to try even a different idea (this IS the way we run our bag) Using the hooks on the front we have removed the hooks on the rear and looped the two webbings together, snugged them down as shown, then replace the seat.

In other words we have not used any of the special attachment pieces, only what came with the original system.

Any combination that works for you is the way you should attach the bag. Just make sure the bag is secure on the motorcycle.