Older Style
36 liter Seatbag
These are for bags manufactured before 2007
"The Concept"

Our attachment system is designed to attach to the "seat lip" not on the bodywork. If you follow our instruction the bag will NOT move or come off unintentionally. If you have a Corbin seat with no lip or for some reason you think this system will not work for you, go to the "Special Rearseat Instruction Page". One way or another this piece of luggage will fit on your motorcycle. We can do It! We have placed four "keepers" on the other four corners of the bag for unusual applications and also helps in attaching the bag to a rack.


Click on any of the photos for a larger image.

For this session we are using the "Carryall", the "XRS" series bags attaches exactly the same way as the bottom of both bags are the same. We are also using our old Dinosaur ...1983 Katana 750 (Dino Lives ;-) ) for the photo because the seat is big and easy for you to see how the application works.

Standing on the left side of the motorcycle, place the bag on the seat in the position you want it. Let the webbing out so you have plenty of adjustment. (photo at left)



Place the rubber coated "J" hooks under the seat lip on the right side of the motorcycle (photo at right). Center the bag on the seat adjusting the right side straps until the bag is just to the right of where you want it to be. The bag will "pull" to the left when you adjust the left side.

Standing on the left side, place the rubber coated "J" hooks under the seat lip (Photo at left). Center the bag again on the seat adjusting the left straps until the bag is securely snugged down. Use a "car jack" type motion .... "pull up and then pull down, pull up and then pull down". Making sure the webbing closest ..... next to the seat is feeding through the rubber coated slots. See drawing at right. If you fail to attach the bag properly it could come loose and cause a problem. When properly installed IT WILL NOT COME OFF.


For rack applications see the "Special Rearseat Instruction Page". and use the concepts given there.

The photo at left is a closeup of the bag properly attached to the seat lip. The extra webbing you see hanging down can be hidden in the little slots on the bottom of the bag or cut the ends then burned with a match. NOTE: be careful not to cut the straps TO short, you may want to use the bag on another motorcycle some day. ;-)

When removing the bag just release the tension of the buckles on the left side by lifting up on the release tab (Photo at right). Once adjusted you should not have to fiddle with the right side again, as it is set correctly and need not be moved. When reinstalling the bag you will only have to snug down the left side buckles to secure the bag.

The photo at left is also a closeup of the bag properly attached to the seat lip. This seat as a upward curvacure at the back, when attached properly this is not a concern.