Cool accessories and options for your "HydroEectric" Tankbag

Dashboard with iPhone attached in Rammount cradle

Thank you for purchasing the RKA HydroElectric series tankbag.
There are many cool ways to use this tankbag.


Hydration System,
Electrical power,
bike to bike communications
and more.
This is a short list of things you can add.

The NEW RKA Dashboard cradle is adjustable over 60 degrees!


Smart phone holders,
FRS radio holders.

POWERLET SAE to SAE pigtail,
power lead to battery,
Cigar charger outlet,
USB adapter.

Smartphone, iPhone
FRS radio holder.
Will attach to our “Dashboard” cradle.


RKA custom manufactured
“Control Box”
to hide your cables and wires that you will insert from the
Included “Portal system”
on the left side of HydroElectric HE bag.
Hydrate with a 50oz CamelBak antidote bladder.


STARCOM 1, Intercom,
Bike to bike, FRS radio, Radar, and more!

All these products are available from RKA

For more information and ideas call RKA at 1-800-349-1-RKA
Visit our website, or drop us a note

Ride Safe, Have Fun.

7698 Bell Rd, Windsor, CA. 95492.
1 800-349-1-RKA (1752)

SAE to SAE Lead

Battery Powerlet lead to SAE

"Y" Cigar Power and SAE lead

USB Adapter