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You can now “Compartmentalize” your RKA luggage. (Yes that is a real word)

RKA has introduced two storage bags that you can SEE what's inside.
The most useful ever for quick access and your wants and needs.

They fit inside your tankbag or rackbag, liners bags wherever you want to put them.

Made from a Polyseter Vinyl Coated Mesh Material.Piping, YKK zippers, a belt loop on the back, and a included shoulder strap.

When you leave your motorcycle you can take this bag has a shoulder bag or use the belt loop and use it as a belt pack.

Whatever you decide you will have all the important things, Glasses, Keys, Phone, RKA ID or WIPP (Wallet) with credit card and cash attached to you for easy access while shopping, eating, or hiking.

Women can call them a small purse, Men can call them a shoulder bag or waist pack.

Small "Compartment measures 2"X6.5"X5.5"
Large "Compartment" measures 2"X9.5"X5 front pocket 1"X9.5"X4'

COLOR .. Black with silver piping or Yellow with Black piping

Click on the Buy_Me button then choice your color. .

"See Through Compartment"


"See Through Compartment"