Garmin Zumo 665
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When you purchase an IN-Charge System from us
we will happily assemble it into a turn key communications system.
You will need to purchase all the parts from RKA including the Garmin Zumo 665,
if this is the GPS you want.

When assembled and ready to ship ypu and RKA know we have tested the system
and everything works properly, then we can then give you our support and help.

The new Garmin Zumo 665 is loaded with motorcycle friendly features.
The photos and text below only scratch the surface. 
If you are a heavy touring person or use youe moto for business this this the GPS for you.
We are GIDDY about this puppy!!

Above are your standard press release website photos.
Below is the actual photos of us using and testing it.
Note the little icon at the top of the screen warning of "Rain in the area" and at the bottom right the Speed Limit is 65MPH actual speed is 72 MPH and is in RED.
This is one of the different information screens.
+ & - buttons on the left, clock on the main screen now, traffic, music & weather icons on the right and at the bottom elevation, main menu, your current speed and posted speed limit.
Another choice of screens showing elevation and heading at the top.
Still another choice showing more data and less map.
Note the topo screen and the actual photo of where we are at. Just cresting the elevation and you can see the peak off to the left that's on the 665 screen. COOL STUFF .
Another weather alert screen that pops up audiomaticly.
Guess what? ....
The 665 was correct "weather". Not a heavy rain but you can see we have the wipers going. and the icon is in the radars green "rain" area.
These next two photos show the traffic feature. NOTE traffic icon is red and navagation has spoken "Traffic Ahead"
We are at the red area shown on the previous photo. and are at a stop, bumper to bumper.
NOTE speed 16 mph.
Other features that may suprise you.


Your location
Your elevation
Nearest Address
Nearest exit
Other features that may suprise you.
Words and Phrases
Bilingual Dictionaries
Figure you fuel milage on the calculator.
Currancy Conversion
Store photos.

I use this feature at shows and seminars