Helpful Tips or Understanding the Concept

Follow instructions carefully or ASK about tankbag attachment

This is THE most important step, the tankbag MUST be secure on the moto and NOT Move.
Adjust your devices so they work smoothly with your motorcycles steering and dash.

DO NOT purchase a system and go on a 1000 mile trip the next day!!!!
You need to take everything out for a spin if you have friends have them go test with you.

Make sure all you settings are to your liking.

The Starcom, or J&M system is the HEART, everything starts there from rider passenger volume to ride to rider configurations.

The Zumo is the BRAINS it handles your navigation, XM, MP3, Cell phone interface among other features that brains do. Make sure you understand how the Zumo works there is a master volume and a easily accessible BAR volume control these controls have to be coordinated with the Starcom, your cell phone, bike to bike communications and your Radar audio.

The electrical cables are the VEINS of the system if the blood doesn’t flow you are in trouble. Is the power to the battery plugged in? Is it plugged in correctly? Speaker out? Is the stereo plug plugged in all the way??

The Rammount parts are the BONES of the system. Make SURE everything is secure before you move your motorcycle any where!

The RKA IN-Charge bag is the SKIN of the system and allows you to hide and store everything just like the infrastructure of your own body. All the holes are in the right place.

These are things RKA sets up for you but cannot adjust for you personally, Volume, settings, testing.
YOU need to do this and do it BEFORE you go to

When we build a system for you it leaves the shop fully tested and every component works as advertized. The only small exception is if you purchased a Zumo that is the one item we do not fire up. As when it’s powered up for the first time it wants to know where you are, what time zone you are in and some other information so it will work for you properly.

We start up one of our own Zumos’ in YOUR cradle in YOUR system and test the features integrated with the Starcom and headsets, Cell phone, XM, MP3 Navigation etc. You may actually get a cell phone call from us from YOUR tankbag system before we ship it.

RKA wants you to be more than happy and if there is a issue that’s RKA’s fault we will be all over it to get you back on track ASAP.

If you build your own system we ASSUME you know about electrics like simple plus and minus connections, how the Powerlet plugs and cables work, and basic SAE connectors, how Rammounts work, and about the devices you are installing.

RKA is here to help but we cannot configure nor install your system over the phone at a ANY price. We cannot SEE what you are doing or thinking.

There is a lot of technology going on here to learn and operate in ONE PACKAGE. The Starcom, the Zumo, the radios, the radar. Etc.

SO When you say ….. I can put this together myself it’s then up to YOU. We assume you know what you are doing and how to do it.