PTT & VOX Applications
PTT (Push To Talk)
(Voice Transmit) Activation Options
First lets explain that the Starcom and other systems usually have VOX Capabilities.
Second lets explain that I have an issue with VOX no matter what system you use.
Push to talk ….. release to listen, this is the BEST system PERIOD.
VOX or voice activation is to hard to adjust and even when you get it as best you can the wind or a sneeze will kick it off. So here at RKA we use and recommend the PTT system over VOX every time.
PTT-01 Handlebar Mount
First generation, BIG and bulky
PTT-02 Handlebar Mount
New generation, smaller and easier to place in small areas.
PTT-02 Handlebar Mount
New generation, Used for our IN-Charge tankbag system, ON the bag. No wires hanging around anywhere.