Latest Concept Handle Bar Bag
You are seeing RKA R&D team in action !!! This is a concept bag in progress let us know what you think.

The bag is TOTALLY self contained. Everything is in or on the bag, you can even install a portable battery pack that will run the system for up to 8 hours if you do not want to wire it to the battery. This would be a great idea for rental bikes!
This bag can attach to the handlebars for forks.
It can be turned to face you or away from you by just turning the deivce plate.
This is a naked view of the attachment system using Rammounts has a prototype system for now.
Bills' Harley Bluetoothed!!
The RKA Cruiser "Handle Bar Bag"
This is a design concept and can be used on a dirt bike or cruiser, or in some cases used as a waist pack.
There will be MANY more designs coming on this idea.
Input is welcome. whatayouwannado? Drop us a note with your ideas!
These are the parts used to construct this particular system.
Which is totally bluetoothed to the helmet!!
Starting with our
NEW Handlebar bag....... then ....
This is going to be a very popular bag for the Harley, Dual Sport & ADV Riders we think.
PTT hook and loops to the handlebars for easy use and easy removal.
1: Zumo 550

The ONLY motorcycle GPS out there in our opinion
We have included the portal design same has the bigger tankbags.
We have included a pouch on both sides, designed for a FRS radio. Radio cable is hidden inside.


Full-fidelity stereo Bluetooth wireless helmet headset.
With lid up you can access the main bag with the dongle and other parts that need to be hidden.
The "DONGLE" from hell.
31 hours of battery time! This unit transmits and recieves signals for the ZUMO, FRS radio, & PTT, to and from the headset!! PLUS MORE. see JBLU-DNG03-CA09.


Custom dongle module featuring JMAHP Bluetooth® software profile, transmitting true stereo to a J&M Bluetooth headset (only) with simultaneous microphone signal transmitted back down to the dongle.

A dongle is a bluetooth device that you can plug into a NON-buetooth device and make it bluetooth. ie .... MP3 player is a simple example. Then pair your "dongle" with your bluetooth "headsets" and listen to the MP3 player wireless.

CA09 "Octopus cable.
This cable interfaces all the devices like Zumo 550, FRS Radio, PTT button, Radar, Radar Power & audio and IPhone.

We have included the portal design same has the bigger tankbags.
The Zumo and IPhone are attached to the handlebags.

The J&M Bluetooth headsets will fit almost any helmets except the Beanies

The Three main parts you need. Headsets
The "DONGLE" from hell
CA09 "Octopus cable.
This will get you on the way to a completley bluetooth wireless system.

4: JBLU-DNG03-CA09

This harness cable assembly is designed to integrate the J&M custom dongle #JBLU-DNG03, to a wide variety of portable audio components. Like GPS, I-Pod, XM radio, MP3, FRS Radio, Phone, Radar. (Pretty crazy cable here!!)

NOTE that the headset clamp on some applications will push the cheek pads inward a little.
The J&M Bluetooth headset speakers hidden under the speaker slots already in side this Vega helmet.

5: Motorola TALKABOUT MH230R

FRS radios with cradle chargers and batteries


Cradle, Arm, U-clamp for FRS handlebar mounting